Retain volunteers and donors

Cultivate a Culture of Philanthropy

Every non-profit faces a vicious cycle: to raise funds, you need donors. To get donors, you need marketing. To afford marketing, you need to raise funds. Interrupt the cycle.

You’re on a Mission

Your focus is on making a positive impact through the mission put forth by your non-profit organization. You have to attract and retain volunteers and donors, cultivate brand awareness, increase visibility through charity events, and build a culture of philanthropy. Not only do you have to accomplish this mission with limited funds, but there are also often a limited number of hands to help along the way.

Wouldn’t it be great to just be able to afford marketing?

Non-profit webpage for volunteer registration with purple font and white background.
Non-profit donation webpage example show on both laptop and mobile devices.

Scalable Tech for Your Philanthropy Mission

A beautiful yet functional website is essential to any business’s success, but it’s particularly crucial for non-profit organizations. Not only is it the best way to share information on your mission and update visitors on upcoming events and fundraising efforts, but it also increases your chances of attracting donors.

People do everything online, and giving is no exception.


of donors prefer to donate online


Your audience pool is cut down to just 37% of potential donors without having a website


of donors into repeat donations through the use of regular email communication

Scalable Tech Options That Can Grow 
With Your Organization

WordPress backend home screen shown on a laptop with a cup of coffee and notepad next to it.
WordPress Development

Turnkey web development in WordPress that our team can easily train you to operate and update

Drupal tear drop logo in blue with white background.
Drupal Development

Highly customizable Drupal-developed websites with department-specific roles in place so people can edit within their own sections of the website

CRM development using Mautic with a view of the Mautic reporting dashboard.
CRM Development

CRM to manage donors with automated email marketing

The Tennessee Disability Coalition homepage view on a laptop screen.

Functional. Scaleable. Secure.

You need an attractive and functional website and the ability and security to process monetary donations. We develop a plan that fits your needs so you can meet your community’s needs.

Plan Left will also guarantee your site is accessible to as wide an audience as possible by keeping ADA web accessibility in mind. We’ve had a digital partnership with the Tennessee Disability Coalition, providing web security, maintenance, hosting, and support since 2016, so you know you’re in good hands.

Expand the Reach of 
Your Philanthropy

Now that the foundation of your mission center is set with a functional and secure website, the goal is to increase visibility so the potential talent and donors you need can find it. Even if you’ve had an established website for years, if you haven’t had it search-engine optimized recently, there’s a chance it’s not coming up in relevant searches. Google’s algorithm changes constantly, and you could fall behind if you don’t have a team with the skills to implement the updates in real time.

Person looking at website traffic metrics of their website.

There are few shops like PLAN LEFT and even fewer I’ve had the pleasure to connect with and develop killer apps solving the right problems for the common good. If you’ve got a development project and you need the right team to listen and help you get to the next level, then hire PLAN LEFT today!

— Josh Collins

Boost the Trustworthiness of Your Site

Your organization can rank higher in search engines through a comprehensive ROI-based marketing strategy that includes:

User touches the screen of their tablet to enter a search in the Google search bar.
SEO Best Practices

With high-quality content and targeted keywords, we help you build credibility and improve your website’s visibility in search results to attract more traffic.

Mobile phone screen with social media apps for various social platforms.
Social Media Marketing

With social media marketing, you reach buyers where they live online every day. We’ll help determine the best platforms for your targeted audience, create content that will convince and convert, and drive traffic to your website through curated posts.

A Chain-link diagram on a laptop which represents backlinks.

When a well-known website links to you, it’s a vote of confidence that tells search engines your content is valuable and trustworthy. We can help you boost those backlinks so it looks like everyone is talking about your brand.

Content strategy diagram with notes being made by team.
Curated Content

With content marketing, Plan Left helps bring more traffic to your website, generate leads, and establish your brand as an authority in your industry.

User signs up for a newsletter on a tablet.

With regular, relevant announcements and offers, your brand can remain top of mind with buyers at all times.

Example of press release content viewed on a tablet.
Press Release Distribution

Increase credibility, drive traffic to your website, and boost your brand awareness with announcements about your brand, products, and services.

Build Interest in Your Non-Profit

Building interest in a non-profit organization takes time, but creative community outreach can help speed up the process. With social media marketing, you can set the stage for charity events, sponsored updates, and groups that encourage communication and participation from the community. Social listening in these groups could provide valuable information for the success of future fundraising events.

To boost event exposure and improve the chances of attendance, having a digital partner who can handle the creation and distribution of press releases and newsletters is priceless.

Volunteer sits & answers questions for strategizing social media campaigns to build non-profit brand engagement & awareness.
Person sitting outside with laptop on lap and mobile in hand chatting with Plan Left Augment Team.

Augment Your Team

We know you probably don’t have many hands available to help since you rely on volunteers for most tasks. And to be honest, most volunteers are there to help with the physical operations on any given day, not to help with web development or email marketing.

Yet another benefit of having a digital partnership with Plan Left is that you don’t need a big marketing team because we step in and serve alongside you.

You’ll have access to an account manager, a systems administrator, a search marketing specialist, a paid media expert, a website developer, a designer, a branding expert, content marketers, social media specialists, software engineers, and app developers—all on a fractional basis.

A Million-Dollar Team Without the Payroll

You get access to a million dollar team without a million dollar payroll.
Plan Left will help make your mission a reality. We use best practices and lead acquisition calculators so you don’t waste a dime, and task automation and team augmentation minimize the number of employees needed. We understand you must account for every penny in a non-profit budget, so we only make a move once success is assured.

Persona holds mobile phone in hand, scrolling through donation webpage.

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The Tennessee Disability Coalition website shared across various devices.

By harnessing the collaborative content management capabilities of Drupal, we’ve helped the coalition empower their key stakeholders and expand their audience reach.

Home page for the GBHEM website is seen across desktop, laptop, mobile, and tablet screens.

The faith in team augmentation and secure hosting paid off for GBHEM with increased traffic and unparalleled stability for their fleet of websites.

Desktop, tablet, mobile, and laptop views of NSAI homepage.

Plan Left saved NSAI time and money by with automated membership registration, credit purchase, and credit redemption.

Ready to elevate your non-profit with powerful, affordable marketing?

What we did for Tennessee Disability Coalition and other non-profit clients, we can do for you.