Drive Traffic to Your Destination

Tourism is big business, and it’s only getting bigger.

Venture Beyond the Conventional

You’ve seen the way forward, and it requires marketing technology and marketing strategy. Your choices thus far have been to buy the technology and hire the strategy, all while training your limited team on both. 

Expensive. Frustrating. Time consuming. Necessary.

But is it? What if you had a digital partner who could provide the technology, strategy, execution, and training, all in one place? No gaps in knowledge between agency, tech provider, and team—just smooth transitions from installation to implementation.

This is the way.

Group of people walk a nature path found in Humphrey's Country, TN.
Mobile phone view of the Visit Humphrey's County website.

Become a Magnet

Nearly half of all US mobile users will research, plan, and book an entire trip to a new travel destination using only their smartphone, so having an SEO-optimized mobile-responsive website you can update within minutes is imperative to the growth of tourism in your county. We know. We’ve seen it before.

After we helped Visit Humphreys County overcome an outdated, poorly performing website, the results speak for themselves:


Increase in user numbers


Increase in sessions



Retain Your Visitors

Consumers expect omnichannel options. When you automate your marketing to more than one channel—your website, social media accounts, text and SMS reminders, and email. When you can reach your potential visitors on a regular basis through more than one channel, you have a better chance at staying top of mind when they choose a place to visit.

And when you keep in touch after their visit through these channels, then you’re likely to see a 90% higher visitor retention rate than you’d see with only one channel.

Our partnership with Williamson County and Visit Franklin resulted in a 2500% increase in overall website traffic and 250% growth in the database.

Visit Franklin website is shown in multiple views with laptop, desktop, mobile and tablet home screens.

Not Just Marketers. Digital Partners.

Laptop and mobile view of a tourism social media home page.
Paid Media & Advertising

Paid media and advertising offer the advantage of immediate results so your destination gains instant visibility. From the moment your campaign goes live, your ads appear to your target audience, driving traffic to your area.

Person reading newsletter signup page on tablet with a laptop behind it.

Stay in constant contact with potential visitors so your destination remains top of mind. Share events and places of interest, as well as discount offers for local eateries and lodging to increase interest in all the excitement your location has to offer.

A person sits at their laptop preparing to create a blog for their tourism website.
Blog Posts & Press Releases

Cultivate a sense of community through local PR and regular blogging. We work with you to build local small business programs and support you while we implement community outreach and involvement programs.

As Tourism Grows, So Will Your Community

Two people fishing while sitting on a river bank, in Humphrey's County.
Destination Development

Curated itineraries, custom content, and backlinks promoting your area and local hospitality partners show your target demographics that you understand their needs and that your destination can meet them.

Various fishing tackle and fishing rod used for fishing various fish found in Humphreys County.
Small Business Opportunities

Build partnerships with small businesses throughout the area. These partnerships help you create visitor itineraries targeting demographics with specific interests like hiking, water or motorsports, hunting, history, shopping, and more.

Old building with Hotel sign on the front, shaded by a large tree on the side.
Visitor Spending

Visitor spending helps alleviate tax burdens on residents—to the tune of $473 less spent in state and local taxes for Humphreys County residents. You could see similar results with increased tourism.

We’ve Done it Before

And we can do it again!
After implementing our tourism services in Humphreys County, 22% more money was spent in 2021 than in 2020.

Home page of Humphrey's County website shown on multiple devices - laptop, desktop, tablet, and mobile.

I wholeheartedly recommend Plan Left to anyone needing a website that looks incredible and functions seamlessly. Their team’s expertise and professionalism make them an absolute pleasure to work with.
Thank you, Plan Left, for turning a headache into a painless update and providing an unforgettable experience. You have my highest recommendation, and I eagerly look forward to working with you on future projects!

— Bernadette Smith

A Million-Dollar Team 
Without The Payroll

Team augmentation is one of the biggest benefits of partnering with Plan Left. When your county’s entire tourism board is just one person, we become your team. Some of the tasks we take on so you can focus on nurturing face-to-face relationships with local businesses and residents include:

  • Watching the local market for upcoming events to deliver SEO-optimized content
  • Crossposting on partner sites to generate backlinks
  • Strategizing and implementing marketing campaigns
  • Managing the county’s social media presence
Team of four people watch the sun set on a mountainside in Humphreys County.
Charts and graphs are reviewed by Tourism UX developers.

Plan Left also provides support to solid teams. Even if you already have a digital manager, in-house tech, or marketing support, we fill the gaps. With team augmentation, you get access to a team of experts who can focus on meeting your specific needs.

With Plan Left, you don’t need a big city budget to get a full-service tourism marketing management team. You’ll still have access to website development, management, and hosting. You’ll still be able to engage with new and returning visitors through social media management, newsletters, blogs, press releases, and event promotions.

But we’ll be able to do it all within your budget without sacrificing the hometown feel you and the residents have come to know and love.

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Visit Franklin website is shown in multiple views with laptop, desktop, mobile and tablet home screens.

A Drupal framework and custom integrations set Visit Franklin up for success beyond their wildest dreams.

Home page of Humphrey's County website shown on multiple devices - laptop, desktop, tablet, and mobile.

A new brand, a fresh voice, team augmentation, and a client who trusted us to get it right the first time resulted in big gains for Humphreys County.

Home page for the GBHEM website is seen across desktop, laptop, mobile, and tablet screens.

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Ready to drive traffic to your destination with stunning branding and powerful marketing?

What we did for Visit Franklin and other travel and tourism clients, we can do for you.