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Landmark CRM and Automation

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What Is Landmark?

Landmark is the all-inclusive CRM, email automation, and email marketing platform that provides B2C businesses with personalized customer journeys. Mautic is open-source software, meaning anyone can use it. The challenge with Mautic is that you need someone who understands the code and can make it do what you want it to do. That’s where Plan Left came in and built Landmark.

With other automated marketing, sales, and customer service platforms costing upwards of $3000, Landmark is operational at a fraction of the cost.

While many believe a CRM is more valuable for B2B clients, Landmark’s advanced features and powerful automation enable B2C businesses to acquire and convert customers at high volumes. In addition, our engineers and experienced marketers can integrate Landmark with any existing CMS, website, or platform you’re already using, unlocking the power of your available data streams.

Landmark automated marketing with data and metrics reporting on reviewed with client.
What It Does

What Problems Does Landmark Solve?

Person sits at desk with laptop open to Landmark reporting showing line chart data insights.
Customer Insights & Personalization

Seamless multi-channel marketing with extensive automation for email, social, mobile apps and more.

Client is looks at Landmark analytics and report dashboard
Data-Driven Reporting & Analysis

Limitless insights for data-driven strategies that are customized and personalized for your business goals.

Streamlined Communications and Automation informational graphic
Streamlined Communication & Automation

Efficient and optimized information flow and processes improve productivity, save time, and create a seamless experience.

Shared insights and reporting on automated marketing efforts with client

Transform Customer Interaction With Landmark

Landmark is the game-changer your B2C business needs to improve customer experience and increase the value of each customer account. By leveraging the right CRM, you can establish a foundation for your business success, focusing on core tenets like customer satisfaction, data-based decision-making, and communication

Let us help you get started with Landmark for your business.

Landmark is the ideal platform for B2C businesses looking to streamline their relationship management, drive revenue growth, and enhance the customer experience. Contact us today to learn more and get started!