Fractional CMO

Tech, Tools, and Team Augmentation You Need

Don’t waste a dime while still delivering the results your clients demand.

Time vs. Money vs. Client Demand

Companies usually bring in a Fractional CMO when they aren’t large enough for a full-time marketing executive, or they’ve had to make budget cuts that affected their marketing efforts. With money already stretched to their limits, the company still needs a marketing strategist who can deliver awareness, engagement, and revenue. Not to mention you have a hard deadline to work with and only so many hands to make it happen.

When you have to account for every penny, we provide cost-effective marketing tools, predictive calculators, and team augmentation. so you don’t waste a dime while still delivering the results your clients demand.

An open laptop on a desk shows Mautic metric charts as a person looks over their shoulder.
Person uses a laptop and tablet to review data insights.

Sustainable & Budget Savvy

As a Fractional CMO, you’re expected to deliver exceptional knowledge, expertise, and collaboration within tight budgets and timelines. You have to:

  • Build internal marketing processes that create sustainable foundations for continued success
  • Create and execute marketing strategies with a focus on lead and revenue generation
  • Establish KPIs, metrics analysis, and optimization reporting to improve brand reputation and visibility without suffering from data overwhelm

We’re Here to Help

Until now, you’ve handled everything on your own because the company that contracted your Fractional CMO services is otherwise focused on running their business. That’s where Plan Left comes in. Some of the marketing services we provide include:

Person types on a keyboard with a search bar across the screen.
SEO & Search Marketing

With high-quality content and targeted keywords, we help your clients build credibility and improve their websites’ visibility in search results to attract more traffic.

Various logo designs for a healthcare brand.

We’ll explore your clients’ mission, values, voice, messaging, and market position so we can help them stand out from their competitors and build valuable loyalty with their customers.

Physician sits at laptop looking at email automation for their medical practice.
Email Marketing

Maintain contact with every customer regardless of where they are in the buyer’s journey with personalized emails tailored to each contact’s interests and behaviors.

Person sits at laptop creating blog content for website.
Content Marketing

With content marketing, Plan Left helps bring more traffic to your clients’ websites, generate leads, and establish their brand as an authority in their industry.

Content strategy diagram with notes being made by team.
Content Creation

Every word should captivate, inform, and inspire. In an era of dwindling attention, only content that genuinely connects will rise above the rest.

Laptop with a link icon shown for backlinks.

We can help you boost backlinks so it appears that everyone is talking about your clients’ brands.

Person sits with mobile phone in hand, laptop on desk, looking at social media digital ad options.

With monitoring, testing, and refinement of campaigns, maximize the benefits of PPC advertising, increase your clients’ brand exposure, and give them a competitive advantage.

Laptop and mobile view of a tourism social media home page.
Local SEO

We help you optimize your clients’ on-page and off-page presence to target consumers in their area so they can reach buyers with their products when they’re ready to make a purchase.

Mobile phone screen with social media apps for various social platforms.
Social Media Marketing

We’ll help determine the best platforms for your clients’ targeted audiences, create content that will convince and convert, and drive traffic to their websites through curated posts.

User signs up for a newsletter on a tablet.

With regular, relevant announcements and offers, your clients can remain top of mind with buyers at all times.

Example of press release content viewed on a tablet.
Press Releases

Increase credibility, drive traffic to your clients’ websites, and boost brand awareness with announcements about their brands, products, and services.

Plan Left design team reviews eCommerce website strategy on laptop.

Design is all about visually communicating ideas. We make sure logos, imagery, and website designs truly reflect your clients’ brands.

Budget Friendly

Budgets are a significant factor for Fractional CMOs, which is why we use proprietary acquisition calculators and ROI-based marketing strategies, so it’s never an added expense. It’s a revenue generator.

Person reviews data charts and other metrics on laptop while writing notes for monthly budgeting.
Swaggertys Sausage screen view on desktop, mobile, tablet, and laptop.

Seamless Integration & Development

A big ask for a Fractional CMO is web design and development, and while some can provide that service on their own, Plan Left is here to help when you can’t.

That’s what we did for well-known food brand Swaggerty’s Farm, and they saw their brand grow 258% in just three years.

Websites Your Clients Dream About

Our experienced team of web developers can create easy-to-use turnkey WordPress websites as well as highly customizable Drupal-developed sites that combine marketing control, content flexibility, and system capabilities to give your clients complete control over their digital content.

Website development strategy team reviews copy and digital designs.
Powerful & Secure Website Development

True website development merges aesthetics with functionality, creating a seamless user experience where every click, every scroll, and every interaction feels intuitive.

Team shares the CRM and Patient Portal process with healthcare client as they look at Landmark.
Custom Software Development

Just like a custom suit fits you perfectly, Plan Left’s custom software development is tailored to fit your business needs and goals like a glove while giving you the ability to scale as your business grows.

Team looks at copy and digital designs for app development.
Mobile App Development

With the right app, you can tap into the growing base of smartphone and tablet users, provide a dedicated and optimized experience for customers, and generate revenue directly from the app.

Person reviews their automation reports on a tablet.
Custom Automation Software

Custom automation software for service order requests that automatically route to the necessary departments, freeing up time and money.

Home page shown across all device types showing responsive design.
ADA Compliance

Compliance is not a one-time affair. Embrace accessibility not out of obligation but as a commitment to every user’s right to an exceptional experience.

Person holds a tablet reviewing website data and metric insights.
Website Performance

Track your website’s performance. Learn what drives traffic and what isn’t working so you can best determine where to spend your marketing budget.

WordPress backend home screen shown on a laptop with a cup of coffee and notepad next to it.
Custom CMS

Your content management system should do absolutely everything you need it to do. If it doesn’t—and sometimes nothing out of the box will—a custom solution is necessary.

WordPress dashboard showing various WordPress plug-in options for websites.
Custom Plugin Development

Plug-ins can make a turnkey site feel custom. If no existing plug-ins meet your specific needs, we’ll develop one.

eCommerce shop with various items viewed across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.
eCommerce Development

A well-developed site can calculate and update inventory, determine shipping cost efficiency, calculate taxes and tariffs, confirm orders and shipping, confirm receipts, provide customer service, and more.

Avoid Fragmented Systems

If your client recently launched a new website and isn’t sure they want to spend more money on a redesign, ask if they’re seeing the traffic they hoped. Are they able to update the website with current information easily? Do their preferred third-party apps and platforms work with their current setup?

Fragmented systems or third-party marketing tools and apps that don’t integrate with their website can cause a loss in productivity, degraded functionality, and issues with data collection.

Integrated calendar used by two people on a desktop computer to schedule productivity.
Home page for the GBHEM website is seen across desktop, laptop, mobile, and tablet screens.

Don’t Take Our Word for It

Just ask The General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM). They came to us after experiencing a decline in traffic and myriad performance and security issues. Their main Drupal site had been failing along with several sub- and micro-sites that needed to be included in the GBHEM’s primary domain. Doing so improved their content strategy and audience reach.

SEO Support

At the same time, SEO support for all website performance concerns, including on-page conversion rate optimization, accessibility best practices, and continuous on-and-offsite SEO implementation increased website traffic and visitor sessions.

User touches the screen of their tablet to enter a search in the Google search bar.

Their dedication to customer satisfaction sets Plan Left apart. They went above and beyond to ensure that I was satisfied and genuinely thrilled with the result. I appreciate their attention to detail, technical prowess, and commitment to delivering quality throughout the process.

— Bernadette Smith

Deliver More With Less

As a Fractional CMO, you’re often working on your own for these companies when, in reality, you need a “team” that you can rely on in any situation, regardless of business type, industry, size, or needs. Plan Left is that team. Since we’ve provided marketing and development services for industries ranging from food manufacturing to tourism, we can fill the gaps in any project.

Person sits with laptop and mobile device searching the Humphrey's County website.
The Tennessee Disability Coalition website tablet view showing user accessibility.

We’ll Guide You Along the Way

Throughout the entire process, our team is right here to help their stakeholders learn the new technology and provide assistance whenever and wherever they were needed.

Our digital partnership with Humphreys County resulted in enormous growth for Humphreys County’s revenue as well as:

Home page of Humphrey's County website shown on multiple devices - laptop, desktop, tablet, and mobile.


Increase in user numbers


Increase in sessions



ROI-Based Marketing

When you’re already juggling several other projects, taking on everything each client needs will be hard without letting something else fall to the wayside. With ROI-based marketing strategies, cost-effective tech and tools, custom automation software, and team augmentation, you’ll never have to worry about going over budget or missing a deadline again.

Person looks at reporting data on a laptop with various charts and graphs.

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Swaggertys Sausage screen view on desktop, mobile, tablet, and laptop.

Swaggerty Sausage Company, Inc. experienced immense success with a custom website serving as only one piece of the overall strategy for exposure, engagement, and sales growth.

Swaggertys Sausage automation view across various device types.

This food manufacturing and CPG brand increased their customer reach after implementing a loyalty hub and incentive program powered by Drupal and Landmark CRM.

Home page of Humphrey's County website shown on multiple devices - laptop, desktop, tablet, and mobile.

A new brand, a fresh voice, team augmentation, and a client who trusted us to get it right the first time resulted in big gains for Humphreys County.

Ready to impress every client with powerful marketing technology and team augmentation?

What we did for Swaggerty Sausage Company, Inc. and other clients, we can do for you.