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Pay Per Click

With our knowledge of SEO optimization, not even one penny will be wasted.

New websites can take months to rank on Google, even when you do everything right. Regular management and maintenance are crucial to climb the SERPs. If you’re looking for a shortcut to the top, there aren’t a lot of options. Paid search is your best bet to place your ads at the top of the search engine results pages, above even the top organic results. Since you only pay when a potential buyer clicks, it’s as risk free as advertising gets.

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Magnifying glass over the Google logo

If the words “paid search” make you think of Google first, you’re not alone. With more than 92% of the market share, Google is a smart choice for pay-per-click marketing.

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To connect with buyers in your area, consider Google Local Service Ads. Your ad spend will reach only those shoppers in your area—usually when they’re ready to make a purchase.

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While Bing may not have the same market share as Google, they’re still a powerful paid search and display ad option. Plus, you won’t have to compete as hard for the top spots.

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What better way to reach potential buyers than with pay-per-click ads that reach consumers where they live online? All social media platforms offer some form of PPC advertising, so you can engage your current brand advocates and attract new ones.

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Facebook PPC

Facebook pay-per-click ads allow complex targeting for a cheaper price than most other social media.

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Instagram PPC

Instagram includes pay-per-click advertising that drives a high click-through rate for younger audiences.

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Pinterest PPC

Pinterest pay-per-click ads build brand awareness among consumers looking for new products.

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Snapchat PPC

Snapchat PPC offers flexible budgeting and impressive optimization to target Gen Z and millennial consumers.

Buyers can’t search for your products or services if they don’t know they exist. Display ads are your answer. Grab attention with images, videos, and interactive elements and make sure your target audience is aware of your brand. Once you snag their attention with display ads, you start those prospects on the journey to making a purchase.

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Google Display Ads

Plan Left only develops websites in a Content Management Systems (CMS) like Drupal and WordPress. That means that no matter what we develop for your team, you’ll easily be able to use your website. You’ll be able to add, edit or remove content with clicks – not code. Add photos, videos, sound, and even new web pages to your website whenever you like.

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If your old website still looks great, but it isn’t quite getting the conversions you want, a website consultation may be in order. We can find the best course of action from there. Perhaps you need user experience testing to find out why the user isn’t getting to the page you want them to see.

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eCommerce marketing opens up a whole new world of pay-per-click advertising strategies. In addition to display ads and paid search results, eCommerce advertising involves featured listings with Google shopping, click-through shopping on social media platforms and in YouTube videos, and in-app purchasing with native ads. If you’re not making the most of the many PPC eCommerce options that are available, you may as well hand your money to your competitors.

Let us help you make the most of your PPC budget.

We can help determine what your preferred marketing audience would be, so your ads are only shown to those with a higher chance of clicking. This is the pinnacle of customized digital marketing.