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Stop Paying Per Customer.
Build an Evergreen Pipeline With SEO.

With Plan Left’s Organic Acquisition Calculator, you can establish a steady stream of qualified organic leads.

Forecast Acquisitions

Our Organic Acquisition Calculator uses real data from Google to accurately predict SEO acquisitions.

Make Better Decisions

We empower you with great data so you can make truly informed decisions about where to invest your SEO budget.

Prove ROI

Proof starts with a plan. Our expert attribution planning and execution ensure effective reporting and proof.

Strategic SEO

SEO Is Only a Good Investment 
if It’s Good SEO.

The number one reason organizations don’t see a return on investment with SEO is that they are investing in strategies that won’t pay off quickly enough to justify the effort.

With the Plan Left Organic Acquisition Calculator (OAC), you can see the real traffic projections and level of effort metrics so that you can make truly informed decisions about what you should invest in.

We’ll build a custom path to faster ROI and long-term success.

Unparalleled SEO Expertise

What Is Your SEO Team Missing?

Technical SEO Audit

Our Technical SEO Audit is the most comprehensive in the industry and includes Competitive Gap Analyses and our proprietary Organic Acquisition Calculator.

Analytics Experts, Impact Advocates

Your reports are only as good as your setup. We love data layer variables, advanced metrics, and most importantly: We prioritize Impact over KPIs.

Website Performance Experts

Load speed is usually the first thing we fix for new clients. The backbone of this company is our deep technical expertise.

Local SEO Advantage and Expertise

Our Visibility Boost is the missing link for most Local SEO efforts. It includes voice search readiness, high value backlinks, and directory and aggregator listings.

Accessibility = SEO

Google has prioritized accessibility, and so have we. If your website is not accessible, it will affect your SEO and your bottom line.

Research and Discovery

Designed for market entry with new products and/or new geographic presence. CAC, competition, market awareness and demand, and more.

Inbound + Outbound = Growth

SEO Is a Long Game. We get you ROI positive as quickly as possible while balancing against outbound methods for immediate cash flow.


Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Bernadette Smith
Bernadette Smith
VP of Marketing - Intellatriage
"From the moment I contacted Plan Left for a consultation, their team displayed professionalism and expertise. They took the time to truly understand the issues we were experiencing on the back end of our website, and when the fix proved trickier than expected, Plan Left’s team took on the challenge. They went above and beyond to ensure that I was satisfied and genuinely thrilled with the result."
John Gladney
John Gladney
Swaggerty's Farm® Marketing
"Working so closely with a dynamic team of passionate and smart developers has helped me keep jobs on budget. They’re like an extension of our business, not just a product or service provider."
Karin Landers
Karin Landers
Tourism Director - Humphrey's County
"I have found working with Plan Left to be a rewarding experience. They listened carefully to my concerns, worked consistently and constantly to assure that the website was kept accurate, and provided solutions when I struggled to find answers myself. They are a progressive group that I would recommend to any business that wants to grow in this digital world. They are an excellent team!"
Wes Campbell
Wes Campbell
Chief Operating Officer - Guardian Access Solutions
"Since building a solid foundation for our new brand, Plan Left has served as our de facto marketing department. I’ve never trusted anyone to take on that amount of responsibility before. Their SEO and ad strategy has resulted in strong brand awareness and historic growth in site traffic, and we’re excited to see those numbers continue to grow."
Marisa Woodall Smith
Marisa Woodall Smith
Founder - Dietitian Group
"Working with Plan Left to launch my new brand was easier than I thought possible. They listened closely to my needs, worked alongside me to develop my brand vision, and delivered a more beautiful website than I hoped for. They really exceeded my expectations! I’d recommend them to anyone planning to launch a new brand or a rebrand."
Donnie Reed
Donnie Reed
Visual Content and Web Manager - Higher Education and Ministry, United Methodist Church
"Plan Left ensured a smooth process through clear communication and prompt customer support. Moreover, the team impressed the client with their ability to provide the right solutions to problems."
Josh Collins
Josh Collins
Director of Digital - Visit Franklin
"The best part of working with Plan Left is being treated like a member of the team. I’m always trying to push the boundary of what we’re doing and where we should be going and there’s never a time when I’ve been told it’s not possible."
Sr. Director of Product
Sr. Director of Product
"We were building an eCommerce site from the ground up with Plan Left and there were many pivots and unexpected turns we took while the project was underway. I appreciated Plan Left’s flexibility in working with me to solve for resourcing solutions and even at times working on good faith during times we needed to amend/extend an existing contract."

Our Process

Get Started with Plan Left SEO


We Start with and SEO Audit & Research Foundation.


We’ll review the Calculator and make a plan of attack.


Focus on what you do best. Our team does the rest.

Insights for You

Free SEO Review

Think of the SEO Review as a free SEO health check.
We’ll email your results to you right away.

ROI-Focused SEO.
Objective-Based Campaigns.

Built on Transparency and Trust.

You want to grow your organization by making informed, strategic decisions that balance immediate gains with sustainable growth. We understand that sometimes SEO shouldn’t be the first strategy deployed. We always balance SEO with outbound strategies like digital advertising to ensure steady cash flow. We help you focus on data-backed and targeted strategies while staying adaptable to changing trends.

When done well, SEO leads to increased visibility, more traffic, and a stronger connection with your audience. Plan Left’s Organic Acquisition Calculator and proven processes remove the uncertainty in SEO. We create competitive, strategic, custom solutions for your organization that drive growth and prove the ROI before you spend a dime.


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