Integrated Services

Integrated Services

Customize Your Customer Relationship Management

Integrate your online presence & enhance user experience with Plan Left’s Integrated Services.

Our Integrated Services

Integrated services to streamline your business operations & elevate your online presence. Our solutions include web design & development, digital marketing, metrics & tracking, email & CRM, team augmentation & ADA compliance.

We can help you create a visually stunning website, improve your online visibility, gain valuable insights into your audience, deliver targeted content to your customers, provide additional resources & skills to your team & ensure your digital assets are accessible & compliant.

Experience the power of integration with our comprehensive & tailored suite of solutions.

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Team Augmentation

  • Access to Expertise & Years of Experience

  • Increase Efficiency & Productivity

  • Scale SEO Efforts As Needed

Plan Left offers end-to-end project completion with our team of highly skilled & experienced experts. With a focus on meeting your specific needs, we provide the right talent for your project to ensure success.

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ADA Compliance

Improve ranking & ensure your website is accessible to all users, avoiding penalties or lawsuits, with Plan Left’s ADA Website Audit & Compliance services.

Integrating analytics and metric tracking
Website Performance

Our experienced team implements advanced tracking & analytics tools to provide you with detailed data on your website’s performance, user behavior & marketing campaigns.

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Email & CRM

Email Marketing & Automation service includes everything from email templates to list management, while our CRM service offers data migration, customization & integration.

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Email Automation

Email marketing is a powerful tool for reaching your customers & driving sales, but it can be time-consuming & complex. We offer email automation solutions that can transform your email marketing strategy.

Our email automation solutions include personalized campaigns, automation & metrics analysis. We can help you create targeted & engaging email campaigns that resonate with your audience, automate routine tasks to save you time & analyze key metrics to optimize your strategy.

Email Marketing

Keeping your audience engaged requires creating & maintaining relevant content. By providing entertaining & compelling content, you can establish your brand as an authority in your industry & your audience will associate your brand with knowledge & expertise. In addition, with scheduled emails that deliver valuable content, your audience may even look forward to hearing from you. Create a successful email marketing strategy that will grow your email list, expand your audience, & reach more potential customers by using surveys, data collection, & analysis to gain insights into your market and tailor campaigns to maximize engagement. Reach the right audience with the right message, saving you time & resources by avoiding misguided emails that fall on deaf ears.

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Optimize your customer experience & increase conversions with Landmark’s user profile building & dynamic data tools.

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Top Class Campaigns to Help You Stay Top of Mind

From email marketing to social media & more, our customized campaigns help you reach your target audience & stay ahead of the competition.