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Build Loyalty for Your Brand

Getting on the shelves at the supermarket just isn’t enough anymore.

Constant Consciousness With Consumers

Sure, getting on the shelves is a good step toward growing your brand, but the competition is fierce. In addition to other brand names with similar foods, you also have to contend with each grocery chain introducing their own private label options.

When consumers shop for groceries, what makes them choose your brand over every other?

These stores owe no loyalty to your brand, which means they won’t do much to help you build loyalty with your buyers.

A couple looks at product brands while shopping in a market for groceries.

An Outdated Website Hurts Your Business

You expected buyers to find you in a store, not on the internet. If your website is old and lacking information, that’s understandable.
But it will cost you.


on your website could challenge customers’ confidence in your brand and make them wonder if your company is even still in business.


of customers are less likely to return to a 
website after a bad experience.


Your business may not be coming up in searches at all, considering how often Google’s algorithm changes.

User searches the internet for Swaggertys Sausage on a tablet.

Are You Being Found?

If your food manufacturing website doesn’t appear in searches, you can’t expect buyers to make a first-time visit, much less become repeat customers. According to recent studies, you could miss out on more than 20% more leads and revenue with an outdated website.

If you need further proof, just ask Swaggerty Sausage Company, Inc. The custom Drupal website we developed for them resulted in a 254% increase in new users and 20% growth in revenue year over year for the last five years.

Build Bigger Loyalty

Shelf space in the stores is still essential to growing your brand. Longevity in a competitive market hinges on keeping your sales team updated with the latest product information, from packaging information to manufacturer discounts and coupons. Food and beverage industry trends can change in the blink of an eye.

An app could connect your sales and distribution reps where you can provide the latest product and marketing materials to the store for your brand, so you don’t have to worry about falling behind.

Swaggerys Sausage loyalty hub webpage with digital coupons and recipe examples.

I was impressed with Plan Left. Their ability to focus on our custom needs, put forth durable plans and options, and execute a chosen plan has been impressive, on multiple projects throughout the years.

— John Gladney

Mobile view of Swaggertys Sausage loyalty hub with coupon.

Setting the Groundwork

Your job doesn’t end with getting your products on the local shelves. Your next challenge is convincing buyers to choose your brand over the other options available, including the private-label products the stores recommend. Buyers are often loyal to a store when shopping for groceries but not always to brands.

People watch every penny they spend and put a lot more thought into every purchase they make. The level of loyalty that makes a buyer choose the same brand over and over again is priceless, even if you have to initially adjust your budget to set the groundwork for creating that loyalty.

For Swaggerty’s Farm, we built a loyalty hub with Drupal and our Landmark contact management system to keep buyers engaged between shopping trips. When 65% of your program members regularly interact with recipes, coupons, and emails, which brand do you think buyers will reach for the next time they’re at the grocery store?

Such an incentive program can result in:


increase in user engagement


Boost in customer databases


Increase in users

Streamline the Process

Shelf space in the stores is essential to growing your brand. Longevity in a competitive market hinges on keeping your sales team updated with the latest product information, from packaging information to manufacturer discounts and coupons. Food and beverage industry trends can change in the blink of an eye.

The app we helped Swaggerty’s Farm build is compatible with any platform, from desktop to tablet to mobile.

Shopper looks at their Swaggertys Sausage Mobile app while have Swaggertys Sausage YouTube video on their laptop.

The ability to access the latest information from the marketing and branding hub gives the sales team and the retailers access to the latest information.

Hand holds magnifying glass over a salad with nutrition facts showing in the magnifying glass.
Nutrition Facts

Swiftly relay any changes to nutrition facts between manufacturer, sales professional, and retailer with messaging and push notifications.

Food can with label showing nutrition information.
Case and Pack Sizes and Weights

Inflation affects case and pack sizes on a regular basis. Communicate these changes in real time with sales and marketing staff and retail outlets.

Pack of strawberries with barcode being scanned with a handheld scanner.

Maintain a database of all barcodes for all products so that missing, damaged, or incorrect packaging can still be identified.

Team strategizes over packing boxes for efficient shipping.
Packaging Specifications

Update packaging specifications in real time so retailers and sales teams can determine placement on store shelves according to size and weight.

Team sit and review design options for updating current product labels.
Product Artwork

Categorize product artwork to rotate out aging products and ensure the latest goods are on the shelves.

Screen view of metrics from Landmark automation campaign.

A One Place Growth Partner

The result of giving your team real time access to this information all within moments? Increased sales and revenue, of course.

As your growth partner, Plan Left can future-proof your food manufacturing and CPG company with SEO-optimized web development, a custom CRM, and integrated custom software. Not only will you become more visible to potential consumers, you’ll also be able to track the buyer’s journey, create programs to cultivate brand loyalty, and even manage marketing.

All in one place.

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Ready to experience unprecedented buyer loyalty for your CPG food brand?

What we did for Swaggerty’s Sausage Company, Inc., we can also do for you.