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What Is Paid Search?

You already know what paid search is, so let’s dispense with definitions here. What you really need to know is that paid search is one of the fastest ways to get your brand’s website on a search engine results page. These PPC ads placed on search engines—most popularly Google, of course—show up at the top of the results or along the sidebar of the first page. When ranking in the search results can take more than two months, skipping the line with paid search is a smart move.

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Why Is Paid Search Important?

Aside from the shortcut to the first page of SERPs that paid search can offer—when the price is right, of course—this form of PPC often lands your ads in front of buyers who are ready to make a purchase. Other forms of pay-per-click advertising can help with brand awareness and perhaps kickstart the buyer’s journey to eventually buy your product or service. But when someone is actively searching for the very things you sell, they may already have their wallet in hand.

Although other search engines offer ads, it’s no surprise that Google dominates paid search. With a search engine market share of over 90%, it’s best to consider Google first for paid search—and any other advertising you do. Google Ads also lets you target specific audiences, set your own budget, and track your results. Your business only pays when someone clicks on your ad, so you’ll get guaranteed results.

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Google Local Services Ads allows service-based businesses to show their ads at the top of Google search results for local queries. These ads appear above organic search results and include information like your business name, service area, and reviews. These ads are great for businesses like plumbers, hairdressers, and childcare, as they connect you with potential customers actively searching for services in your area. Your business may even be eligible for one of three badges that show users you’re verified by Google. Best of all, you only pay when a customer contacts you through the platform.

Previously called Bing Ads, Microsoft Ads is an excellent addition to online advertising strategy. Although Google Ads reign supreme by a long shot, Microsoft Ads follow in second with over one billion unique monthly visitors. Microsoft Ads claims a few benefits that give it a slight upper hand over Google: it’s Microsoft’s default search engine, potentially higher quality traffic, and much less competition than Google Ads. Microsoft Ads operates with the same pay-per-click model as Google does.

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