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The Americans with Disabilities Act protects people with disabilities and prevents discrimination based on ability or lack thereof. The goal of the ADA is to give equal access to all and provide people with disabilities the same opportunities and economic self-sufficiency needed for full participation in American life.

Website accessibility ensure those who engage witch auditory disabilities can access website information.
Essential Resources for Accessibility

Companies and government entities can implement ADA compliance in various ways to ensure content is accessible to all users. If you’re not sure about the accessibility of your website, be sure to check out the ADA compliance tools we have available. Our accessibility checker will have your website in compliance in no time!

Our ADA Compliance Toolkit verifies a website’s level of accessibility and also assists with modifications for areas found lacking. The internet and technology are constantly evolving, so our compliance toolkit will continue to monitor the website for future compliance issues. Other valuable features included in our

ADA Compliance Toolkit include the following:

  • Reports to keep up-to-date on compliance
  • Analysis of compliance and any requirements
  • Notifications for needed updates to compliance

For further information on ADA compliance and the importance of full access to information for all, read some of the articles below:

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What is ADA Website Compliance?

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Level AAA Compliance

ADA Website Compliance Lawsuit

Designing Accessibility for Websites

Content for Accessible Websites

Alternative Text for ADA Compliant Images

SEO & Website Accessibility

Website Accessibility Checklist

Website Accessibility Checker

Get your hands on our reliable website accessibility checker to evaluate your website’s accessibility. Check out our ADA Compliance Toolkit and guidelines for efficient results. Register your website today to ensure full compliance with the ADA and help us promote a fully inclusive online world with equal access to information for all.

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