Social Media

Social media marketing is so much more than tweeting and posting Facebook updates every day. It's the effort involved in communicating to fans, followers, friends, other businesses, clients, potential clients, employees, family, and more about your brand and how YOU are the expert at what you do. You need a serious strategy, planned well in advance and with plans in place for every step of your eventuality.

The Plan

How do you communicate with your audience? What do you want to communicate to your audience? What is there to gain? Can you turn your ‘fans’ into leads or clients?

Plan Left will help you identify these goals by focusing on your brand, matching your brand standards with your social media persona, and present a plan to engage and grow your fanbase.

This plan includes determining which social media platforms are the best fit for your company. Is your company more B2B? Perhaps LinkedIn is a better fit. Are you a music label looking to promote artists? Let’s set up some events on Facebook.

Social media can also be used to distribute valuable content via content marketing to users that may be interested in your brand but do not go to your website very often.

The Action

Social Media Marketing needs to be managed by a voice that matches the intentions of your brand. Having a managed social media voice that engages the audience, promotes the brand, provides customer service etiquette, and networks the brand will not only increase fans, but also increase business opportunities.

The action could include developing and integrating applications for Facebook, advertising on social media, or promoting a contest or giveaway. Imagine this scenario: You host an open house party where the first 100 fans get free tickets. For those who don't get tickets, that's okay. We can offer live streaming for everyone else to enjoy. The most important outcome is engagement with the audience and expanding the brand.

The Analytics

You may be thinking, “Everyone has a Facebook account. Why would I want to hire a firm to manage this for me?” Not only will Plan Left manage this in an appropriate and professional manner, our team will review the analytics of your entire internet presence to ensure we provide content that best fits your audience, grows your audience, and increases business opportunities. Plan Left will not only grow a successful social media presence for your firm, but we'll also constantly review the data and analytics behind the scenes. You will always be aware of what your audience is interested in and what they're doing.

And that's why you not only want Plan Left managing your social media presence, you need us.

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