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We're living in the future we read about, and it can be pretty daunting. Our tech department are problem-solving savants.  If they can't find the missing piece, they engineer it.

Technical Services

Does your business need a new internet presence? Do you have an internet presence? Let Plan Left serve your team and develop the Internet Presence that matches your brand.

Make your website make you money. Let Plan Left implement a successful ecommerce website that gains traffic, makes customers, and generates revenue.

Lunch time! Don't worry; I'll open the restaurant's website on my phone... or maybe not? 25% of all web traffic comes from a mobile device. Is your website mobile friendly?

Need a website? Is Drupal the best content management system on the Internet? Find out now... Spoiler alert: Yes! Plus it sounds cool... Drupal

Wordpress is a content management system that makes content management simple. The tools that can be added Wordpress sites are robust and work great for small businesses.

Use of mobile applications have massively grown over recent years, but does your company need one? How do you get your application on the web and successful? We have that covered, too.

Finding out how the users on your website/app/software use it and where they have difficulties can help make their experience easier and guide them to whatever conversion you are seeking.

Want to target a new search term or a term that you currently do not rank above your competitor on? Then a Pay Per Click Campaign may be the right solution for you.

Building or updating your website or software is the first step, now how do you use it? We are available for personal/team training or document training.

Not sure what to do with your website? Have us take a look at it and give the appropriate recommendations to meet the goals and vision you have for your site.

The need for custom software can be as small as a website add-on or as complex as CRM Development. Custom software projects can be pretty complex, but the discovery and planning phase is without question the most exhaustive (and most important) of them all.

Custom Software: Getting Started

Considering a custom software project for your company or brand? Proceed with caution.

When it’s time to invest in custom software or web apps, you need to know that your web development team is using the best, most intuitive tools possible.

You also deserve to know that they will stay on schedule and on budget.

Your app has unlimited potential--why not use web development tools that do, too?

Meet Laravel.

What is Laravel?


Have a list of clients that need to organized? How do you track your workflow? Looking to simplify your communications with your team, potential clients, and existing clients? A CRM may be the right choice for you.

Your online presence needs to be stable, secure, and available at all times. Our professional hosting is reliable, affordable, and will grow with you.