Mobile App Development

Everyone seems to be under the impression that mobile app development is done by teams of elite wizards sitting behind magical computing boxes, drinking strange herbal teas while stroking their beards and pondering the intricacies of blocks of codes...and magic

This is not true. Not only do wizards not use mobile phones, they don't really like phones at all. Computers to wizards are like chicken nuggets to a vegetarian. However, the teas and beards are somewhat commonplace in the mobile app development world. Beards are where we hide our code secrets. Deep within those beards, we hold the keys to powering mobile applications with friendly, content management-based web interfaces where you can publish your changes to a website, mobile application, and mobile website all in the same place.

Our mobile application approach is holistic, green friendly, and efficiency minded. Publishing your content should be easy and consistent. Using Drupal's prowess as a content management and application framework, we can tie in your company's entire online presences into one administrative dashboard, making it easy and efficient for your team to utilize. The content publishing side of your business is all about putting as little distance in between the user and the results as possible; plus, it makes it easy for you and your team to use.

Does your company even need a mobile app or mobile application? Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Is this something someone will actually download?
  • Will people use this once they do?
  • If I didn’t work for this company, would I download/use this?
  • Does it add value to my company, potential clients, or existing clients?
  • Could I get away with having a full mobile website developed instead?

Many companies do not consider the above questions and end up making elaborate web apps that no one uses. We want you to have the best mobile app available, but we also want to serve you with the solution that is right for you. Feel free to call, email, or use our contact form to discuss whether a mobile app is the right decision for you.


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