Case Studies | Visit Franklin Increases Traffic by 2,500% with Drupal Development

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Visit Franklin

The Visit Franklin website allows the client to push boundaries of development and digital technologies to make anything they dream a reality.

Project Highlights

The platform allows the Visit Franklin team to create various content types quickly and easily by eliminating the learning curves often associated with learning a new CMS. This has made reaching their goal of 2 million website visitors by 2020 not only possible, but also likely, while also allowing for a dramatic increase in budget.

  • 2500% increase in overall traffic when site development is coupled with various marketing initiatives
  • 250% growth in database since migrating to Drupal
  • 15% growth in site visitation
Franklin Tennessee Website Search

Plan Left’s Drupal Advantage

  • Provide CMS system that offers robust SEO tools and opportunities
  • Create flexible, easy-to-use platform with the necessary features and ability to customize
  • Make scalability and integration not only possible, but also easy
  • Offer customizability and community development
  • Provide more security and greater ability to scale

UX and Content Strategy

Plan Left’s digital strategy team ensured Visit Franklin would have access to the features and customization necessary for clear articulation of the brand.

SEO and Marketing

Use of the popular Simpleview CMS had not allowed Visit Franklin to take advantage of SEO opportunities as they arose in the digital ecosystyem. The new Drupal platform provided robust SEO tools and other marketing tools.

Laptop showin the rise and fall of data on the screen

Forward Thinking

The previous CMS provided inadequate admin tools and functionality rendered a modern, content-focused, KPI-driven website impossible to achieve. Plan Left’s Drupal framework allows Visit Franklin to respond to what’s ahead and grow the brand in ways never before possible. While others struggle to evolve on the web, Visit Franklin is now able to adapt to consumer behavior like never before.

User experience at the front of website design.
Social media to grow audience and reach

Social Proof

Plan Left’s design allowed Visit Franklin to display valuable social proof in the form of user-generated content. This unique connection to the audience helped to drive an increase in website visits upward of 2500%.

Transformative Digital Strategy


“There are lots of vendors who can slap together a website but it takes someone truly special to dream up a solution that not only serves the consumer well but also creates lasting value while driving authentic results. Plan Left does that and more! I’d be foolish to not recommend them.”

– Josh Collins, Digital Communications Director at Visit Franklin

Final Thoughts

Popular “turnkey” operations for website development may not offer the tools, customization, and responsiveness your business deserves. A Plan Left partnership, with websites built with your exact specifications, goals, and even dreams in mind, can better provide the results you need.

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Innovative Solutions Drive Tangible Results

Visit Franklin County case study serves as a testament to the transformative power of innovative solutions and their ability to drive tangible results in real-world scenarios.