Are You Wasting Your Marketing Budget

Why would a marketing agency even hint at the possibility that you’re wasting your money on marketing? Well, we will, if we think you’re missing the mark with your efforts. Maybe you’ve created a profile on every social media platform out there. You might be posting a new blog every day—or even multiple times per day. These could be truly great things, or they could cause you to hemorrhage money.

Your Social’s Flushing Money

Maybe your company really does belong on every social media channel available, but in most cases, you absolutely do not. Before you tweet another word, take stock of your social followers. Do you own a business-to-consumer or a business-to-business company? Where are the bulk of your customers? Which platform has provided the largest number of leads?

Now that you have some idea, start cutting the fat. If LinkedIn just isn’t getting results, drop the network instead of putting more time into it. If your tweets don’t see engagement, focus your attentions somewhere else.

Your Content’s Not All About the Benjamins

Google loves fresh content; we’re the first to admit that. We feel the need to quantify that statement, though. Google is all about fresh quality content. When you post in a flurry without taking time to research, spellcheck, or even organize your thoughts into a coherent post, you’re wasting time, which in turn wastes money.

Sure, maybe you’ll show up in Google searches, but what does that help if no one sticks around to read your shoddy work? Wouldn’t your time be better spent researching, crafting thoughts that lead others, and proofreading everything you write? Maybe you’ll post fewer blogs, but that’s okay. You’ll net many more prospects and leads this way, because they’ll be excited to read what you’re writing.

Your SEO Drains Your Bank Account

Search engine optimization is super important. We’d never deny that. However, you must have a thorough understanding of the latest Google algorithms to get it just right. If you’re still cramming keywords and search phrases in an effort to get found, you’re just spinning your wheels.

To master SEO, revisit your content. With quality content, you’ll solve most of your SEO problems. Google’s latest takes several different factors into account, including the phrasing of queries, location of the person asking, and—most importantly—the quality of the content. No amount of keyword stuffing will help you.

Stop Writing a Blank Check

These solutions will help you get your marketing budget under control, but without one more step, you’ll still continue writing blank checks for your marketing efforts.


You must keep an eye on your metrics to make sure your new tactics are working. Several months of testing, changes, and testing again may be needed to see the very best results. The lessons you learn from watching your metrics will help you allocate the right amount of money to the best marketing channels. You may need time. You may need some help. In the end, you’ll stop bleeding marketing money and start seeing returns on your investment.

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