4 Spookily Effective Halloween Marketing Ideas

Let’s be honest: if you’re not already including Halloween in your marketing at this point in October, you’re behind the times. That doesn’t mean you should abandon holiday marketing, though. You still have a few weeks to get your creepy on. Lucky for you, we have a few last-minute Halloween marketing ideas for you.

Social Media Contests

The idea behind Halloween marketing isn’t to dress your website up with spooky graphics; it’s to foster engagement with your customers. Get them to dress up instead! Hold a social media costume contest, as long as their costumes have something to do with your brand.

Prizes could include discounts and freebies, but a lot of consumers just want the glory. Oh, and gaining recognition from one of their favorite brands goes a long way, too.

Website Scavenger Hunts

No matter how old we get, everyone loves the thought of trick-or-treating. Maybe you can’t be on hand to give out candy, but you could set up the individual pages of your website to give treats.

Give hints that lead players to various spots on your website. These might require Google searches to find landing pages, finding Tweets and Facebook posts to get links to the right pages, or scouring blog posts for additional hints. As visitors find the “candy,” lead them to the next clue. Those who finish the scavenger hunt should win something pretty sweet for participating. The real prize, though, is how much they’ll learn about your company as they skitter through the pages of your website.

Humanize Your Company

If you already get great engagement with your customers, take advantage of that to strengthen the ties. Introduce your staff members in a contest and let your buyers be the voters. Give them specific guidelines for judging so the job is easy for them. Those who participate should get a little something for giving of their time, too.

With each costume entry, tell visitors more about that staff member. Share that team member’s unique value proposition—what makes them so perfect for the job they do. As voters get to know the team members better, they’ll feel those ties of loyalty strengthening. All of that will happen while they have a good time interacting with your company.

Theme Your Info

Engagement is an amazing thing, because it helps to build and strengthen relationships with your customers. It’s important to remember, at the end of the day, that those customers need more than a day of fun when holidays roll around. At the very core of their relationship with your company is a need for the products and services you provide. While hosting contests and joking with buyers, you also need to keep giving them the information they need to make purchasing decisions.

Does that mean the fun stops? Of course not! Just give your usual information a theme. If you’re planning to release a blog post, put a Halloween spin to it. For infographics, make sure they have imagery that’s spooky. If you have the time and resources, a video is the perfect way to keep marketing while also entertaining. It’s always possible to share evergreen information and put a Halloween mask on it. If you need proof of that, just look over the previous tips and apply them to any holiday.

There’s always a reason to make people smile, and holidays are at the top of that list. Don’t pass up the chance to strengthen engagement while making your marketing fun for your buyers. If you need some help, we’re always here for you.

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