Whether a company is launching a new brand or rebranding an existing one, this is one of the most difficult tasks a company must go through. The challenge is that this is not a daily process, so most companies don’t have much experience with or knowledge about it.
Marketing, designing graphics, logos, websites, video production - when you look at your competitors in business, how can they afford to have all this ‘stuff’ and you don’t?
It’s important for your web designer and developer to be speaking the same language.
It’s sometimes hard to know how much SEO value an image can really have… You can tag it, title it, meta title it, alt title it, give it a Dublin Core title (and all the various iterations therein). But what else plays a role here, and how can images help your website further than this?
Cinch is a new business to business social media app, the social media child of Klout.
What's your holiday hotspot?
An SSL provides an extra layer of protection to your website to prevent hackers from stealing sensitive information. It translates to Secure Socket Layer.
What is Inbound Marketing? Inbound Marketing is what brings clients 'in' when they decide they are ready. There are many forms of inbound marketing but the most popular are informative blogs or articles (like this one), seminars or presentations, SEO and the lesser known PPC (Pay-per-click).
One of the best features of a good website is the photography but how do you determine which photos are good, bad and ugly for your website?