Digital Marketing

Why Digital Marketing?

Because it’s not 1933. When you go looking for a business, chances are you are looking for it in some sort of digital medium. You might check out their Yelp reviews, scour their Facebook page or read a press release on Gawker. Gone are the days of the phone book and the landline call; in are the days are of digital omnipresence. And, as we move forward in the digital age, ever-increasing forms of digital advertising enter the market.

Isn’t a Website Enough?

It’s a great start! However, just because a company has a website does not mean that they have a social media marketing campaign in place or are actively working on search engine optimization. This is where digital marketing comes in. You need someone to take your digital assets and build a plan to market it.

But I Already Have a Facebook Page...

We love that! Your existing properties—websites, social media profiles, and other online assets—all have value. However, there is still an important distinction between digital media and digital marketing. You can’t have digital marketing without digital media, but many people have digital media without the marketing.

Many brands don’t need the standard package of a Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profile setup. Each brand deserves special attention to asses its needs for its market and goals. We start with a website consultation to determine the best course of action for your brand. From there, we work together to make the best decisions that will build your brand, expand your digital marketing experience, and grow your business. 

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