Creative Service - Plan Left

Great design is the result of blending art, psychology, and unbridled talent.  We take all those facets and make it into something perfect for whatever you are looking for.

Creative Services

Does your website have a unique design to it, or was it copied and pasted? Plan Left can make your website match your brand and provide an aesthetically pleasing experience for all.

What image represents your company? Logo Design is the first step in setting up your brand and company's identity. Let Plan Left design the logo that connects with your audience.

Get your name in the papers and get out there. Plan Left knows the ins and outs of Print Design and how to make quality designed print material that speaks to your audience.

Who and what is your brand, exactly? Whether a new company, an experienced firm, or company that’s been around for 30+ years.. sometimes it is hard to connect your brand to your audience.

Finding out how the users on your website/app/software use it and where they have difficulties can help make their experience easier and guide them to whatever conversion you are seeking.

A brand standard is the definitive guide that identifies how to communicate and present your brand to your target audience. Plan Left understands branding and will help develop these standards for your company.

Media presentations exist for many reasons, but most specifically, the major consideration is making sure all content generated around a subject of media is up-to-par with the standards set in place by a brand.

Design rays set to stun. Plan Left provides the graphic design and artistic creativity to get your message across with images. WARNING: this is going to be graphic.

Picture day! But seriously, how is your brand represented when it comes to the images? Photography can say a lot about a brand and persuade potential clients one way or the other.

Quality content is one of the most important pieces of a website or any other media. Whether it be light-hearted or more tactful- content writing is our specialty.

Press Releases are powerful tools when crafted and used appropriately. Plan Left can help develop and distribute PR to help your company.