Rebranded Hometown Health Clinics Sees 860% Traffic Increase

Case Study

Plan Left Provided Powerful SEO, Strategic Content Marketing, A Relatable Brand, and an Improved Website

A solid brand and powerful content marketing rocketed Hometown Health Clinics to top-of-mind for potential patients and held it there.

Hometown Health Clinic homepage view across various devices from desktop to mobile.

Hometown Health Clinics saw immediate results from their rebrand and new website, gaining a 23% increase in website visits just one month after launch.


Increase in website visits in first month


INCREASE In website visits in first year


INCREASE In website visits since new brand launch

Before We Started

A network of healthcare and urgent care centers shared the name of the local medical center, which didn’t give a sense of cohesion for the brand and, in fact, had the possibility of inspiring confusion when potential customers searched for urgent care centers. The website was outdated, lacked the content necessary to convince potential customers to choose their services, and likely used obsolete SEO practices, if any at all.

After We Were Done

Hometown Health Clinics firmly encompassed all locations in the surrounding area, eliminating any confusion that the previous McKenzie Medical Center brand may have caused. The website reflected the new brand, complete with updated messaging to speak their mission and vision to potential and existing patients. A powerful SEO strategy gave the new brand a quick boost in search results, and the curated and created content for the new marketing strategy ensured the brand remained top of mind for residents seeking preventive and urgent medical care.

Black square metal sign extends from Hometown Health Clinic building.
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Branding, WordPress Development, SEO, and Content Marketing

Rebranding is never easy, especially when a new brand name is required. Making the switch from the familiar McKenzie Medical Center name was necessary to fold in various locations in the region, but that could only succeed with a solid commitment to the mission and vision outlined for the new Hometown Health Clinics. That commitment was evident in the new website and made searchable with a powerful, up-to-date SEO strategy. Content marketing sealed the new brand, convincing patients in the area that Hometown Health Clinics, while unfamiliar, was a name they could trust.

The Problem

A community-focused, multi-city medical practice serving western Tennessee had a website that didn’t represent the level of service they provided to the community and didn’t give the client control or the ability to communicate with the public or compete against other similar medical groups in the area. Because the original entity name was McKenzie Medical Center, a rebrand was needed to make clear the enterprise included several locations. All locations needed a central voice, vision, and message. And all those together needed to come together in a new website design with powerful SEO to launch the new brand ahead of competitors in searches.

The Plan

Before tackling a rebrand, Plan Left performed discovery and audit to determine past and current marketing efforts, the state of the website and SEO strategy, potential market opportunities, and the content needed to achieve the client’s goals. A rebrand was first, with a new name chosen to signify the comprisal of all current and future locations, and Hometown Health Clinics was introduced. The website was next, built on a WordPress platform with necessary customizations to meet the client’s specific needs. A later content marketing and paid media strategy would then drive traffic to the website.

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The Results

The numbers don’t lie. With an increase of 860% in traffic since the new brand’s launch, the result is clear.

Hometown Health Clinic homepage view on open laptop screen.

The Plan Left Advantage

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