IntellaTriage Website Stable After Opposing Plugins Broke It

Case Study

Solid Knowledge of WordPress Development Skills Solved IntellaTriage’s Website Woes

Hospice telehealth brand learned that self-service WordPress builders aren’t always the best way to create and maintain a website.

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WordPress builder plug-ins can cause more trouble than they’re worth. Fortunately, Plan Left developers were able to stabilize IntellaTriage’s website.


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Before We Started

IntellaTriage, a telehealth hospice nursing brand, reached out with desperate website issues. When making any changes to the website, whether adding images, deleting components, or simply adding a letter to the copy, the front end of the website “broke,” necessitating a full backup of the website each time. The problem occurred no matter how the changes were addressed—in the front-end and back-end builders and in the code itself.

After We Were Done

Copy and image updates can be made to the website through back-end and front-end builders without affecting the appearance of the user-facing website. However, the fix currently serves as a band-aid. The issues that caused the problem are still present and will one day require an eventual website rebuild.

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WordPress Development

We’re big fans of WordPress. We love the vast possibilities that the platform offers, including easy WYSIWYG builders that almost anyone can use to build and edit a website. These builders, however, can cause issues if they’re not used correctly. With a knowledgeable WordPress developer, you can enjoy the affordability and freedom of a turnkey website. Without that expertise, you may build a beautiful, functional website, but it could hide problems that will eventually emerge to bite you.

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The Problem

The site was built using Genesis blocks and Kadence blocks, two builder plug-ins. When the user updated a page or cleared the site’s cache, the Kadence rendered the HTML code differently, changing some div tags’ order, which broke the page layout in a major way. This meant the layout code wouldn’t load properly in the header banner. Essentially, a plug-in update—or the lack of maintenance for the two plug-ins—pitted the two builders against each other.

From the moment I contacted Plan Left for a consultation, their team displayed professionalism and expertise. They took the time to truly understand the issues we were experiencing on the back end of our website, and when the fix proved trickier than expected, Plan Left’s team took on the challenge. Thanks to their talented project team, the testing and implementation phases were a breeze. Their dedication to customer satisfaction sets Plan Left apart. They went above and beyond to ensure that I was satisfied and genuinely thrilled with the result. I appreciate their attention to detail, technical prowess, and commitment to delivering quality throughout the process.

— Bernadette Bmith, VP of Marketing

The Plan

The site was cloned in a staging environment so that every component could be individually checked. Plug-ins and integrations were disabled one by one until the problems were identified. Once the problems were identified, the developer attempted to replicate the issue after each component was either updated, upgraded, or deleted. With the issues fully identified, the theme files were changed so they would hold, at least for a while—until another update to any conflicting plug-in causes a new round of problems.

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The Results

With methodical changes to themes and builder plug-ins, along with a provisional fix that worked in the CSS code of the styles.css file, the client was finally able to make changes to the website on their own.

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The Plan Left Advantage

WordPress Development

WordPress makes search engine optimization easy and gives the ability to extend your website’s functionality beyond the usual themes with existing or custom plug-ins.

Struggling with a broken or buggy website? Plan Left can help.

What we did for IntellaTriage, we can do for you.