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Twitter, Tweeting, Twittersphere. Without a doubt Twitter has become one of the leading social media sites on the Web. Everyone uses it, It’s a way to connect with a lot of people (and prospective customers) in a quick, sure fire way to get recognized. But how do you fit all the information you want people to know in a limited space? 140 characters isn’t a lot…Will your message be fully understood and received by your reader?

Personally, I had to grow to love Twitter. I’ve always enjoyed big words and telling long stories, Twitter doesn’t allow me to do that. I, wanting to be trendy, had to learn how to effectively communicate all I, and my client, wanted to say in 140 characters or less. Daunting, I know. Here are my rules for effective Twitter use for the interactive marketer.

PlanLeft Twitter Chart

1. Twitter is all about interacting- Determine your brand and then learn how to communicate to your target audience. This means that before you  go tweeting your introduction into the world, watch and learn. Twitter has rules and you need to  know them before you jump in head first. Try asking for help from your customers (Gasp). This is the whole part of introducing the interacting aspect of a company’s Twitter. Instead of telling your consumers what to do have them give you advice and pointers.

2. Connect to people and start a conversation- People don’t want to read about the new panini  press your company just came out with, your job is to get people asking and answering questions.  Let them know a person is behind that tweet and not a machine spewing out twice daily,  monotone statements.

3. Offer something- People love to gossip. Tweet out information people would want to pass on.  Reward those who are following up by offering deals, inviting them to launches, or let them contribute by offering pointers on the new product. This will lead you to one of the most effective  marketing forms, word-of-mouth.

4. Track your conversations- Use the @reply to read about who is talking about your brand. Reply to these tweeters and answer any questions they might have.  Be sure to stay on top of what is being said about you.

Twitter can be a great interactive tool as long as you use it correctly. Don’t be hesitant to talk to your audience, ask their advice and watch what is trending.

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