User Experience Testing

User Experience Testing and Evaluation (UX Testing) is the process in which the Plan Left team takes a step back from the coding and development to breakdown the website, software, or application by how users will interact with it. A great website is not so great when potential clients can’t find your phone number.

Some basic User Experience Testing involves:

  • Identify the audience(s)
  • What are your goals as the proprietor of the software or website for the audience?
    • Do you want your customers to track their shipments? Is it easy for the customers to know this?

    • Do you want your HR team to easily review employment applications? Can your management team find this information efficiently?

    • Is it easy to manage and edit your website?

  • What is the purpose of this webpage?
  • Is the website easy to navigate?
  • Are you clearly communicating to visitors/users?
  • Where do visitors leave the website? Why?
  • Where do users get confused in an application? Why?
  • What can be done to improve the quality of experience?


It is an investment of time, energy, money, stress, willpower, and sweat to make a great piece of software, be it a website or independent application. Plan Left wants to make sure your development gets used. The worst-case scenario for any piece of development is that no one ever uses it.

The Plan Left team provides the solution to ensure usability by implementing:

  • Blind Test Studies
  • Implementing Property Analytics tools
  • Heat Mapping
  • Split A/B testing

The benefit of a properly implemented piece of web development will be the obvious ease of use by your audience, but also by the numbers. Quality web design will have increased traffic, increased use, and increased experience.

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