Turkey Day Fun Day! As the holidays draw nearer, family is bearing down on your back door. When we started discussing the best way to celebrate the holidays, the topic came up of what are the best spots in Nashville to show the out-of-towners? Here’s some of our team’s favorites: 

Nashville Parthenon- Joshua Smith

It’s no surprise that our creative leader, Josh, prefers spending his holidays surrounded by the art in the Nashville Parthenon. An Art Mecca of Nashville, the Parthenon is known for specializing is the cultural arts- paintings are on display, music, dancing, and concerts are on the menu for these holidays. A great way to walk off the turkey and dressing (and avoid the Black Friday nightmare) the Parthenon is an opportunity for your family to get out, and explore one of the best parts of Nashville. Josh loves the escape this area offers in the middle of a city, that is constantly growing and overflowing at the seams.

Stage on Broadway- Chuck Harter

A favorite of our business development champion, Chuck, is the stage on broadway. The venue offers a constant stream of musical talent. A hometown atmosphere is what makes this place stand out from the rest. Opening on Thanksgiving at 6:00pm you can listen to the Brandon Holder Band at 6:30pm and Johnny T at 10:45pm for the nightowls. We know Chuck and his family will be there during his holiday.

Country Music Hall of Fame- Erik Nelson

Who can turn down a chance to see the country music greats? Erik, our SEO king, can’t and neither can his family. Everyone is a big fan of the Country Music Hall of Fame, and his family take the opportunity to visit whenever they come down. This offers not only the chance to view exhibits some of the best music stars of the time used during tours, but it’s also home to the Two Twenty Two Grill for those that aren’t already stuffed full from the Turkey day feast. You can learn the history of your favorite star, view some concert tour paraphernalia, and then chow down on mouth-watering, delicious food. Yum!

Ryman Auditorium- Ashley Case

Ashley is Plan Left’s content queen. One of her family’s favorite places to visit around the holidays is the Ryman. As music lovers (though not musically inclined) the Ryman offers her family a chance to watch some of the top artists in music. As the “Mother Church of Country Music”, the Ryman is one of the most historical buildings in Nashville and offers daily tours if you’re too busy to take the chance and attend a concert.
Trust us, it’s worth the late night.

Cheekwood- Matt Smith

Another art lover, Matt Smith, our present technical manager and operational coordinator, is a fan of Cheekwood. During the holidays, Cheekwood is having a big train exhibit with free guided tours of the art museum. It’s a great place to take children hopped up on pumpkin pie with plenty of land for them to run around. Also on Tuesday and Saturdays, Cheekwood offers arts and crafts activities for families and children.

Whether looking for something relaxing and quiet or wanting to experience the music life Nashville has to offer, there is something to satisfy everyone. What are your Nashville favs for the out-of-towners?

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