Tech savvy, business minded go-getters. These are industry builders. Unusually smart business people that thrive on upward movement, outward expansion, and big ideas.

Business Development

Who and what is your brand, exactly? Whether a new company, an experienced firm, or company that’s been around for 30+ years.. sometimes it is hard to connect your brand to your audience.

Every company has a starting point. Plan Left can help target achievable goals and consolidate those into an action plan that works for your firm..

Not sure what to do with your website? Have us take a look at it and give the appropriate recommendations to meet the goals and vision you have for your site.

A brand standard is the definitive guide that identifies how to communicate and present your brand to your target audience. Plan Left understands branding and will help develop these standards for your company.

Sometimes it seems like the world of advertising is a lot of hoopla and static. How does a company make their advertisements stand out?

Building or updating your website or software is the first step, now how do you use it? We are available for personal/team training or document training.

Have a list of clients that need to organized? How do you track your workflow? Looking to simplify your communications with your team, potential clients, and existing clients? A CRM may be the right choice for you.

The need for custom software can be as small as a website add-on or as complex as CRM Development. Custom software projects can be pretty complex, but the discovery and planning phase is without question the most exhaustive (and most important) of them all.

Custom Software: Getting Started

Considering a custom software project for your company or brand? Proceed with caution.