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Content Marketing has exploded in the marketing world. Its purpose is to share valuable free content to convert prospective clients into and clients into repeat customers. Content should reflect what your company is about and educate people on what you sell/do. This way your clients will have a better idea of who they will be working with and come in with trust built up.

In advertising, content marketing has especially made itself known- people want valuable information about products not just basic info, content is easily spread through social media and helps you rank well in search engines (Bing, Google, etc) allowing people to find your business easily. The hardest part of content marketing is writing GOOD content.

The first thing to keep in mind is that it needs to be original. Original content helps your site get more exposure and google rewards high quality sites with a better ranking, therefore increasing traffic to your business website. Not only does your content need to be original but you need to have original ideas. Redoing the same post over and over again, defeats the purpose of writing original content, you need to have new ideas.

Second, have a call to action. This tells the reader how to apply for information also known as letting the visitors know what to do, and a benefit from reading it. Qualify yourself with great content and reassure the readers that reading the content is worth it. Provide them with knowledge that they previously didn’t have so that the reader comes away reading your blog with more know how than what they started with.

Make your content thought provoking and engage your reader by asking questions and allowing them to reflect on their own answers. It needs to be to the point and always add visual aids, when you can, that correlate to the content.

Last, continually update your site and blog. Once you get readers and clients you need to keep engaging them with new knowledge and advice and when you update regularly Google will favor your site more giving you more relevance in search engines – more traffic, more better..

Having a blog means committing to having a blog. Update it regularly with original content featuring new ideas that engage the reader with new information. All it takes is a little creativity and commitment.

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