Content Marketing

Powerful Tools, On and Off-line

Content Marketing is one of the most versatile tools in our marketing arsenal. The reasons every marketing plan should include content marketing are many and varied. There are a few top-level categories we’ll group these into:

  1. Establish Thought Leadership

  2. Personality and Brand Relations

  3. Exposure (PR)

  4. SEO Value

Establish Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is a critical B2B marketing tool, and it’s a also valuable resource for a lot of B2C companies. Establishing yourself as an expert shows the world that you know what you’re doing better than anyone else in your industry. This happens in many ways—from blogging to social media and daytime TV spots to whitepapers. Any platform that allows a brand to establish themselves as “experts” in their sector is a valuable tool in an advertising and marketing strategy.

It’s one thing to have people find you through a general Internet search and see the breadth of your expertise once they hit your website. Even better is when those potential customers know to go straight to your website. That’s our goal when establishing you as a thought leader. The benefits of establishing yourself as a thought leader are numerous, but the marketing opportunities this provides are even more invaluable.

Personality and Brand Relations

There is no substitute for personality. Content expresses your brand’s personality the same way conversation expresses your own.

A lot of companies rely solely on social media for engagement, but this misses a lot of your potential audience. The most important part of your website is actually the content that’s on it. The most important part of your brand that’s not on the website is the content shared through other outlets. That’s where PR, reputation management, and brand relations come in.

Exposure (PR)

Exposure through content placement is largely a result of PR work. There is a cumulative enhancement to brand credibility with the use of strategic articles, stories, and coverage among various media outlets. The lines of advertising and marketing really start to blur here. Exposure tactics are simultaneously the oldest (think most mature) in our industry and the newest (think most innovative—like guerilla marketing). Gains from great exposure are harder to directly measure but usually attributable through traffic (physical and digital) and bottom line.

SEO Value

SEO value from content marketing is achieved with both quality and quantity. You don’t have to pack articles with ‘SEO rich’ keywords. Writing compelling content that speaks directly to your audience will do that work for you. Search engines will match people to your pages naturally if your content covers their needs. More importantly, if your content is good enough, you’ll get inbound links and even comments, should you have those enabled on your website.

How Content Marketing Fits into Your Strategy

Content marketing in application is a cornerstone of any successful strategy. Even modest plans for growth will require some form of it in the mix. Any digital marketing plan includes SEO, PPC, content development, and social marketing to build a solid foundation for growth. 

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