Web Design

What is your favorite website?

Do you like it because of the way it looks?

Do you like it because information is easy to access?

Maybe it is just really easy to use.

One major concern about the internet and having a website is the concern over what visitors do when they get to your website. Are they intrigued and enticed to stay on the website and learn more, or do the visitors leave instantly? Sadly, most visitors to websites make up their mind within 20 seconds. This means your website has very little time to identify itself, qualify itself, and communicate what you offer to visitors.

So, the mission—should you choose to accept it—would be to develop a website that encourages visitors to explore and use your website. All this while looking great. Maybe you should call in the experts at Plan Left?

Plan Left utilizes website design as the bridge between what your firm wants a visitor to do and what is in it for the visitor. This includes matching the design and ‘feel’ of your website with your brand image.

  • Are you a B2B firm that focuses on providing solutions to other professional businesses? Maybe we should focus on illustrating your services, defining the first steps to potential clients, and qualifying you with work you are proud of.
  • Are you an up-and-coming restaurant. Let’s design and focus the visitors’ attention on your food to highlight the quality and skill of your craft.

If your old website still looks great but isn't quite getting the conversions you want, a website consultation may be in order. From there, we could find the best course of action. Perhaps you need user experience testing to find out why the user isn't getting to the page you want them to. Not enough visitors? Consider some search engine optimization or social media to drive additional traffic.

Our website design process only begins after we clearly identify what your goals are for visitors. Lets get started.

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