Developing media presentations that meet your brand standards

Media presentations serve many purposes, not the least of which is marketing your products or services. Before releasing marketing materials through any of your media channels, you owe your company the time necessary to ensure your content meets all standards for your brand. A brand’s desired set of brand standards can be achieved in many ways, but it’s best to establish said standards early so your brand has a greater chance of achieving longevity while maintaining integrity.


To establish those brand standards, you need to ask these questions:

  • What is your brand? 

This is not the same as asking what your product is, neither is it what your logo is, nor even your mission statement. Your brand is what you as a company stands for. While preparing a presentation, you will need to keep your brand in the front of your mind when you prepare.

A brand consultation can help you nail down your brand so you have an answer to the above question. When you head into your brand consultation, be prepared to get down to the nitty gritty concerning the whole reason you are in business. After doing this, the rest should be much easier.

  • Does your audience recognize what your company offers?

This can provide a direction for what you need to show in your media presentation. Your audience is the focus of your plan, so you want to really consider who that is and what they might be looking for. Highlight that in your presentation.

  • Are there guidelines in place on how you are visually represented?

If you are part of an organization or fraternal society related to your business, they may have guidelines concerning your visual representation. Once again you will also need to be mindful of who your audience is. Avoidance of symbolic annihilation (the idea that people will feel unimportant if they do not see people like them in the media they consume) will be a must.


Keeping these answers in mind, we can begin working on a media presentation. Whether this takes the form of a DVD, a Powerpoint, or a website presentation, we can begin to lay out the important points you would like to have known about your brand.


Most importantly, you will need your media presentation to establish your brand’s integrity. Can that be done right out of the gate? It’s not easy, but with the right tools and proper use, we can make it happen. The first step is to establish your brand’s image. Once that’s been accomplished,  it’s time to look at brand standards that will help your company’s communication to always live up to expectation—no matter the platform, even in a logo design or web design.


Sit down with a Plan Left brand specialist for 20 minutes to see how we can help your brand achieve its utmost level of appreciation. Pull us on board to help create that presentation with you, and we’ll show you a world of opportunity most can only dream about or read about in a Harry Potter book.


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