Wordpress Development

Your website should belong to you. Too many companies make the mistake of hiring a web design firm to create a fully customized website from scratch. Yes, the website would then be proprietary, and probably pretty sparkly, too, but that tiny bit of prestige is totally trumped by the drawbacks. What you really need is open an open source blogging tool that is a Content Management System (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL.

Wait… What? What do all those words even mean?

Open Source Software

An open source software means it’s an open-license software, so there are no software costs to use Wordpress. When you hire a firm a to make a Wordpress website, you will pay for their creativity and customization of Wordpress.

One major benefit of an open source software is the freedom it gives your firm. Instead of forcing your firm into the hands of a website development firm, when you use an open source software you have the ability to take your project down the street to another firm. Plan Left wants to give you this freedom. We want you to feel confident in our efforts and give you YOUR WEBSITE!

Blogging Tool

A blogging tool means that Wordpress websites are typically used for small businesses and informational websites. The platform makes updates to your company blog easy. You won’t need to pay your web design firm a ridiculous amount of money every time you want to post news about your company.

This ability to update your blog whenever and however you want has some additional benefits. What many of those huge web design firms don’t tell you is that Google and other search engines love fresh content. Plan Left gives you the ability to catch Google’s eye every time you post a new blog. You won’t get that benefit from a static, proprietary site.

Content Management System

A CMS website provides the administrators of the website the ability to add, delete, and edit content. Your team can freely add content, pictures, video, sound, data, and so on to the website without development or code knowledge.

Wordpress also allows for additional tools to be added to the website. Most of these tools are free, but some require licensing fees. These tools will allow you (or us—we really hope you’ll pick us) to do any number of things, from content writing and blogging to search engine optimization. While the tools are pretty powerful right "out of the box," they are not quite as customizable as a drupal developed website.


PHP and MySQL are the code set in which Wordpress is based. It’s probably best if you just let us worry about this part. We’re pretty good at it.

Let the Plan Left team look at your project, take your needs and budget into account, and deliver the internet presence that provides the most success to your firm.

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