CRM Development

Have you ever wished for a truly custom CRM? Wish granted.

Customize Your Customer Relationship Management

Keeping your clients and contacts on index cards and Post-It notes might have worked when you were just getting started, but for a team and company, you need something much more robust.

How important is your relationship with your contacts? Your answer should be “Imperative” if you expect them to remain clients! So how does a CRM help your company build and maintain those relationships?

  1. New businesses that want to start off on the right foot with an organized system of maintaining customer relationships.
  2. Small businesses that want to grow. Automating the aspect of your business saves your employees from needing to shift their focus from data implementation and concentrate on furthering the sales process.
  3. Larger businesses that want to stay ahead of the competition. With focus trending on the need for personal client relationships, individual clients can fall through the cracks. 

These companies have one thing in common – they need a CRM solution that can be tailored to fit the many needs within their company. They need:

  1. Client Management - Have a centralized database of all your clients, their contact details, notes from anyone within your company, and past email correspondence.
  2. Time Management - Tracks time against whichever client you are working on with a running timer. Allows you to track multiple clients at the same time, so there is no need to switch between various client folders.
  3. Generate Tasks - Create tasks and assign to individuals or teams. Deadlines can be defined and reminders generated. Use the forum for questions and answers to eliminate email chains.
  4. Team Hierarchy Structuring - Not everyone needs to have access to all the data in the database. Set up the appropriate structure to allow for more access or limit various individuals.
  5. Custom Applications – Your company may have a unique twist that would require an entirely different functionality that other companies do not have. The right CRM developer will happily do what is needed to make your business successful.

So… No more Post-Its! See what Plan left can do for you.