It’s scary to think about breaking into the market of a large city. Everyone is producing similar products and you don’t quite know how you are going to fit in. The key to your business isn’t looking for an empty market but using your strengths to move forward in a validated market.

Believe it or not, being the little guy can be a great advantage when in a large city.

First, move quickly. You are able to refine and change your product with ease, while larger ‘corporate’ companies must spend more money and more time to update their product while swimming through the office politics. Being a larger company involves mitigating more risks and may therefore be afraid to take a chance.

Second, don’t forget about customer service. Customer service is becoming one of the marketers’ best tools and being a smaller company allows you to be more personal with your customers enhancing their user experience with you.

Third, partner with the larger corporations. Bigger companies that aren’t directly related to your industry can be a great tool to take advantage of. They’ll appreciate not having to spend time and money building the product themselves.

Fourth, anticipate! If you are wanting to bust into a booming marketing then you need to stay ahead of where the market is going. This means staying current on the language you use to the type of graphics that represents your product. Don’t be afraid to change with the times.

Fifth, Market your company. Whether you are doing it yourself or outsourcing make sure you maintain an active voice in the community and within your product niche. This may be as simple as building a social media presence or actively optimizing your website to show up better in search engines.

Lastly, have an EXCELLENT product. What’s the point of breaking in a challenging market if your product isn’t up to standards?

Ultimately don’t get disheartened if there are a lot of vendors for the product you want to sell. Carve out your own niche in the market and there will be room for you. Play on your strengths and do your research.

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