SEO Audit

How Strong is Your SEO?

We'll help you make your website the Mr. Universe of search engine optimization.

Do you ever wonder why your website isn’t ranking higher in search engine results pages? You don’t need to work harder to get noticed; you need to work smarter. Small details in your SEO efforts could be keeping you down. An SEO audit takes a deep look at your website to determine what opportunities are available to get your website topping the search charts asap.

Why Do You Need an SEO Audit?

SEO is more than just slapping some keywords up on your home page. An SEO audit will help you take a look under the hood, so to speak, in order to answer a few questions.

Do you have content gaps or missed opportunities?

Though they aren’t the only component involved in SEO, keywords are an important piece of the SEO puzzle. If you’ve missed an opportunity to provide special key phrases in your content, a search engine could skim right over your website without pulling up anything it sees as relevant.

Is your page loading speed holding you back?

Web crawlers are smart little buggers. They know how annoyed and antsy visitors get if they have to wait for a page to load. If the crawlers wait too long, they’ll skip right by your site.

How is your mobile SEO?

With more and more people surfing the web from their phones, mobile SEO can’t be ignored. Your site needs to be structured differently for computer and phone searches, or you risk strange layout issues. Such issues could drop your placement in a search.

Is your website structured efficiently?

Since web crawlers look at your website from the coding end, any inefficient redirects will stack up against you. Site maps can help in this area, too.

What benefits will you see from regular SEO audits?

The internet is a growing organism. As it grows, it mutates. Websites that don’t grow with it are doomed to be left behind. Regular audits help keep your site off the path to obscurity. To remain relevant, you have to stay informed about search engines updates to best practices and algorithms.

An audit is best done by someone from the outside who can see your website with fresh eyes. Looking over it yourself, you may too easily glance over mistakes that sound natural to you, but in reality are not what you are trying to communicate. Let Plan Left perform your SEO audit. We’ll spend time with you really getting to know your brand’s message. Then, you can be sure the message you put forth truly reflects who you are.