Email Marketing

Is your brand is the first thing a customer thinks of when considering your specific industry? The marketing world views its clients by how they associate with their brand. To be the first company customers call, you have to stay “top of mind.” If you’re not (and even if you are), email marketing can help.

How it Works

Email marketing, one of the many forms of digital marketing, is a great way to consistently reach out and stay in contact with both potential clients as well as existing clients. Compared to mass mailers and expensive advertising, emails are incredibly inexpensive (read: sometimes free). Another beautiful thing about email marketing is that we have the ability to track exactly what your audience does with the emails you send.

  • Do they open the email?
  • Do they click on the coupon or links in the emails?
  • Do they forward it to anyone?
  • Do they forward it to everyone?

Answering these questions is key to understanding your market and reaching them more effectively. Is half of your audience not opening the emails? We can further segment your contact lists to focus the emails and make them more relevant. Because you already have a relationship with these clients, you can truly target these specific users, unlike media buying or PPC advertising, which entail a more blanket approach.

Email Marketing

With email marketing, your company gains the ability to reach mass audiences. You will deepen the research and knowledge of your audience, develop your brand presence, and stay in that “top of mind” category where you always want to be.

Plan left provides email marketing expertise to grow your email list, which helps expand your audience and reach more potential customers. We create strategies that help your brand create and maintain relevant content for your audience. We survey, collect, and analyze prospects in your market so we can accrue as much data as possible from these campaigns. There’s no point in sending out a thousand misguided emails to clients who are deleting them, is there?

Ensuring the growth of your company is our priority, and email marketing is a simple place to begin. Emails have essentially taken over the world, and they can be a key player in your branding game. Let Plan Left do the email work and help you continue to connect with your clients, potential clients, and new best friends.

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