Email Marketing

Top class campaigns to help you stay top of mind

Your Emails Matter

To be the first company customers call, you have to stay at the forefront of their mind. If you don’t think you occupy that space in their mind (and even if you do), email marketing can help. You don’t know how often your audience scrolls through Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, but you know they’re checking their email at least daily. In fact, they probably get alerts on their phones when new email comes in. If you’re skipping email marketing, you’re missing out.

Benefits of Email Marketing

1. Tracking Your Audience

Some people consider email outdated, but email marketing is still an important form of digital marketing. It’s a great way to consistently reach out and stay in contact with both potential and existing clients. Compared to mass mailers and expensive advertising, sending emails is free to inexpensive. Email marketing also gives you the ability to track exactly what your audience does with the emails you send.

  • Do they open the email?
  • Do they click on the coupon or links in the emails?
  • Do they forward it to anyone? 
  • Do they forward it to everyone?

Answering these questions is key to understanding your market and reaching them more effectively. Is half of your audience leaving the emails unopened? You’ll need to break down your contact lists to focus on the more relevant audience. Because you already have a relationship with these clients, you can truly target specific users, unlike media buying or PPC advertising, which entail a more blanket approach.

2. Reaching More People

With email marketing, your company gains the ability to reach mass audiences. You will deepen the research and knowledge of your audience, develop your brand presence, and stay in that coveted “top of mind” category.

3. Informing Your Audience

To keep your audience engaged, you need to create and maintain relevant content. If you provide entertaining, compelling content, your audience may even look forward to those scheduled emails. They’ll come to associate your brand with authority and knowledge in the industry and hopefully come to you with their needs.

Plan Left provides the expertise you need to create an email marketing strategy. We’ll help you grow your email list, expand your audience, and reach more potential customers. We survey, collect, and analyze prospects in your market so we can accrue as much data as possible from these campaigns. There’s no point in sending out a thousand misguided emails to clients who are deleting them, right?

Ensuring the growth of your company is our priority, and email marketing is a simple place to begin. Leave the email work to Plan Left. We’ll help you continue to connect with your past, present, and future clients. And hey, they might even look forward to getting emails from you over their Great Aunt Zelda, who still forwards jokes from 2006.