eCommerce Development

Ecommerce simply means commerce over the Internet. Websites with ecommerce (or ecommerce abilities) have the capability to handle financial transactions. Some examples of ecommerce sites are:

  • Non-Profits: These are usually considered ecommerce developments because they can typically handle donations(a financial transaction) across the Internet.
  • Internet Stores: Online shopping, it’s nothing new. Financial transactions occur in the fashion of buying and selling items. is a good example of an Internet store.
  • Bill Payments: You are transferring money from you to the collecting company.
  • Merchant or Affiliate Programs: Paying commissions for items or services sold through a “Marketplace” style store or for referrals.
  • Crowdfunding: For most sites, individuals and organizations give friends and followers the chance to financially support a project, product, or invention. Others provide an organized way to collect funds for charity. Still others have developed a hybrid crowdfunding and online retail endeavor.

These are just a few of the endless possibilities. Almost every realm of the Internet is occupied by some sort of ecommerce, and it’s a rapidly growing venture.

What else can they do?

Did you know that an ecommerce website can do much more than just sell a product? A well-developed site can calculate and update inventory, determine vendors, determine shipping cost efficiency, calculate shipping costs, calculate taxes and tariffs, confirm orders and shipping, confirm receipts, provide customer service, and more. On top of all of that, an ecommerce website can deliver detailed reporting to your company about what is (or isn’t) selling, provide integrated bookkeeping software, and generate tasks for your team with specific directions for employees.

Plan Left and Ecommerce

Developing ecommerce websites is a particularly large task, especially since the needs of an ecommerce site can vary extensively. Plan Left doesn’t want to just design an ecommerce site for you; we want to make it successful, intuitive, and functional. Ecommerce websites need to be designed effectively to encourage visitor conversion. When it comes to ecommerce, we don’t just want people showing up to the website, we want people participating in these financial transactions. We want them to buy your product!

To ensure that visitors turn into customers, we implement a few different aspects of our expertise, like search engine optimization efforts, web design, and content marketing, to name a few. This is part of the overall objective of pushing traffic to the website and making the website easy to navigate, with a clear goal in front of the visitor. If a website is difficult to get around, confusing, or poorly designed for a visitor, your business will suffer.

When it comes to ecommerce, the Plan Left approach is extremely involved. We can identify the goals and audience of a website, build it, and integrate it into your current workflow. In some cases, you just want to increase sales and generate more revenue from a website—which can be an entirely different challenge. No worries, though. We’re totally up for it.



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