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Drupal is the one of the most notable web content management frameworks available to developers. It’s an open-source platform with no licensing fees or extra costs to pass on to customers, making it popular with many developers. Drupal also has a very active development community that shares information freely. This bonus group of helpful people sees that bugs are found and fixed lickety-split. They also build out modules that can be configured and used to create and fully customize your website.

We could go on and on about the benefits of using Drupal, but we’ll focus on these for now.

Improved User Interface – A completely redesigned user interface allows even novice and non-technical users to interact with all the admin sections of the website. Easy-to-find shortcuts and customizable dropdowns make Drupal super intuitive and easy to use. An enhanced set of tools allows users greater ease and better access in their content entry and management processes.

Speed and Performance Increase – Drupal rations the use of database calls to improve overall speed and performance. It also implements advanced caching, and performance enhancement options allow it to utilize fewer SQL queries while giving the end user a noticeable increase in speed and performance.

API Improvements – Drupal features many changes to the API. One of the most notable is the use of PHP Data Objects. PDOs allow users to write more “portable” code that can work with a variety of databases. Notable among these is the new concept of entities. Entities allow for a level of abstraction in programmatic data management, letting developers have even more control and customizability over the various aspects of the Drupal workflow and management experience.

Connectivity – Drupal also introduced a number of hooks, which are basically a way for modules to connect to the Drupal core. This allows module developers to create a deeper customization and for functionality to be completely removed from the theme layer. Both site upgrades and theme changes become much cleaner, faster, and more efficient processes.

Symfony - Built on the leading PHP framework to ensure the best available tools to build applications and websites. This enables developers to utilize a multitude of libraries to without having to fabricate every component.

If all those benefits just went right over your head, we’d be happy to give you a demo of the interface and the CMS. Drupal allows for a lot of customization, but it’s also great right out of the gate without modification. 

Our goal at Plan Left is to give you the highest quality experience and product at the most reasonable price. Building the majority of our websites in Drupal helps us meet that goal. If that sounds like a good deal to you, don’t hesitate to get in touch!