Case Study | Automated Marketing and Loyalty Hub Gives Swaggerty Sausage Company, Inc. an Advantage

Case Study

Plan Left Used Drupal and Landmark CRM to Build a Loyalty Hub and Incentive Program for National CPG Brand

Swaggerty Sausage Company, Inc. knew marketing automation was easy to find. Marketing automation at an affordable price, however, was a challenge. Affordable marketing automation plus a loyalty hub and incentive program? Impossible. Well, not with Drupal and Plan Left’s Landmark CRM, because exceeding expectations is our favorite thing to do.

Swaggerty Customer Loyalty Reaches New Heights.

Swaggerty’s Sausage Company, Inc. increased their customer reach after implementing a loyalty hub and incentive program powered by Drupal and Landmark CRM.


Growth in database


Increase in users


Engagement rate

Before We Started

Swaggerty’s Sausage Company, Inc. had gone as far as they could by using a newsletter tool to manage a coupon club. With no marketing automation, no texting capability, no personalization or segmentation, and no API for seamless integrations on that old platform, they had nowhere left to grow.

After We Were Done

Landmark CRM is fully customizable to Swaggerty’s specific needs and can be changed according to the necessary results. Using the Landmark CRM, Swaggerty had access to a custom loyalty hub site built with Drupal and supported by Landmark CRM. This site features recipes, coupons, and messages for VIP members. Those VIP members also have access to an incentive program that uses the direct-mail database and push notifications to share exclusive content, deals, and other benefits.

The program allows for automatic expiration dates for coupons, custom sign-up forms at various entry points, granular segmenting to reach the exact target audience for each campaign, in-content personalization, seamless experiences, texting capabilities. Swaggerty can now track individual activities, customize individual experiences, personalize messages and offers, and ultimately convert non-loyalty hub members, all while running multiple campaigns simultaneously.

Landmark CRM and Drupal CMS

The beauty of Drupal is that, in the right hands, it can do whatever you need it to do. That includes coupon integrations—which were crucial to fulfilling the client’s need—that are often only found with enterprise-level eCommerce solutions.

The same was true for the marketing automation Swaggerty needed. They needed the very best software available to achieve the loyalty hub and incentive program they had in mind, and that kind of customization can get pretty expensive with other SaaS companies.

We customized Landmark to provide the exact level of marketing automation they needed, with the ability to scale from small business applications to enterprise-level eCommerce performance. When combined with the Drupal loyalty hub, Swaggerty’s Farm had something pretty special—and more affordable than they thought possible.

The Problem

Swaggerty Sausage Company, Inc. needed an affordable, scalable, and capable marketing automation program that could seamlessly integrate with a loyalty and incentive hub. These tools needed to include all the necessary components and offer the ability to customize not just individual pieces of the process, but the entire strategy.

Affordable marketing automation is often cobbled together from various inexpensive programs, leading to disconnects between specific tasks and an inability to accurately measure results for the purposes of improvement. These “free” or inexpensive platforms don’t remain affordable after reaching the database contact numbers Swaggerty’s Farm wanted to achieve. Couple these issues with the fact that the chosen solution needed to work well with the customized loyalty hub, and Plan Left had a delicious challenge ahead.

Working with Plan Left to create unique and engaging experiences for consumers has been incredible. Plan Left listens to your vision and desired outcomes in building technological solutions that engage, amplify, automate, and control the buyer’s journey.

— John Gladney,

Swaggerty’s Farm® Marketing

The Plan

The loyalty and incentive program included a direct-mail database, coupon integrations often offered only with a secondary solution such as Shopify, and content imports from multiple databases.

The Drupal platform and Plan Left’s Landmark CRM focused on all necessary components for the marketing automation and loyalty hub Swaggerty needed. These components included custom rules, text enablement and push notifications, email marketing funnels with custom email newsletter and campaign designs, dynamic CTAs and custom landing pages, web and mobile app accessibility, dynamic website content, and smart opt-in forms that gather new information from buyers to make forms shorter and personalization easier.

The Results

Swaggerty Sausage Company, Inc.’s bottom line is growing, and this is a direct result of the control, flexibility, and marketing capabilities Landmark CRM and implementation Plan Left offers.

The Plan Left Advantage


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Drupal Development

Drupal’s open-source platform makes it possible for Plan Left to deliver a website with eye-popping design and unparalleled data management.


Plan Left promises hosting reliability that’s also virtually hack-proof. You won’t find this level of security and personal attention anywhere else.

Team Augmentation

We lend you our team members to train your team members so you can make the most of your new technology.

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