All About Electrical Experiences 1000% Traffic Increase Each Week

Case Study

A Turnkey Website From Plan Left Launched the All About Electrical Brand in Record Time

Plan Left exceeded expectations when launching new brand and website for All About Electrical.

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Plan Left’s SEO strategy helped grow All About Electrical’s traffic by 1,000% per week in the first month.

2 Week

Turnaround on new website


Increase in traffic each week


At that amazing brand

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Before We Started

The owner of All About Electrical approached Plan Left with a new business concept and not much else. Within a few short weeks, he wanted to launch a new brand with a website and start driving traffic and customers. We had our work cut out for us.

After We Were Done

All About Electrical has a stunning new brand that supports their mission and vision while standing out in a crowd of self-marketed and branded electrician shops. The website supports this new brand with custom content developed from a powerful SEO strategy. That same SEO strategy informed a PPC campaign to capture and drive quick traffic to the website, giving All About Electrical the starting boost they needed to fly.

A Step Above homepage view on an open laptop with a person taking notes.
All About Electrical and A Step Above website designs on dual monitors.

Branding, Turnkey WordPress Website, SEO, and PPC

A bold brand was needed to boost this new company above and beyond the competitors in a crowded marketplace. The colors and visuals selected set All About Electrical apart right away and provided the foundation for a stunning turnkey WordPress website. Search engine optimization set the website up for success both in organic searches and for the PPC campaign.

All About Electrical Strategy development for website with a dry erase board, sticky notes and drawings.

The Problem

Plan Left had nothing but an idea when All About Electrical approached us. We needed to build a full brand, complete with a logo, a company voice and vision, and messaging to support the brand while attracting potential buyers. All of that then needed to work together to build a website as quickly as possible so All About Electrical could begin seeing a return on their investment.

The Plan

The quick turnaround was addressed first, with a plan to implement a turnkey WordPress website. We selected a theme that would well serve the company and prepared it for customization. The brand was devised quickly to include electrical elements, including bold colors and fonts that drive the vision immediately. These were incorporated into the turnkey website to provide a one-of-a-kind experience without expensive custom components. Finally, a strong SEO strategy was devised to direct the content on the pages for maximum search engine results and to power a PPC strategy to kickstart website traffic.

WordPress plugin dashboard for various editor featured options.

The Results

Visitors are finding All About Electrical through organic and paid channels, and the traffic is growing at an amazing rate.
A success by any measure.

All About Electrical hompage view on an open laptop.

The Plan Left Advantage

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An open laptop sits on the kitchen counter with a person scrolling through the Homepage of Visit Humphrey's County website.


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