Earth Day is just around the corner (April 22nd) and now is as good of time as any to start making a difference. Penguins around the world will appreciate it.

I just met with a photographer friend of mine yesterday about her website. We were going over some changes and things that we want to do for her future marketing and outreach.

This story begins with a large company that had a multitude of different brands and divisions under their umbrella.

Any web professional knows that most internet visitors on any given website are only going to be on that website for ten seconds or less.

Marketing budgets... how much does a website cost?... How much is that logo?.....I WANT TO BE ON TV!!!!! 

All of these marketing efforts can do a lot for your business, but my first 2 questions for clients who we work with are:

Who's Earnest, you might ask?

He's not actually the subject of this particular blog.  In fact, has nothing to do with it.  By definition, being earnest is "The act of showing intense conviction" - and that's our topic of discussion.