I know you’ve read the articles bashing open office spaces. It’s rare that you find one that sheds some positive light on them, so here is one more article to add to that minuscule pile. Plan Left’s “offices” are actually just one large space, plus one small room in the front corner, away from pretty much everyone else. If we need privacy, that’s where we go.

I’ve worked in several different offices so far in my career, all but two (including Plan Left) , have been a collection of private office spaces and cubicles. My favorite? Collaborative office space. Why, you ask? Let me tell you.


Collaboration is key, particularly if you work in a creative industry. Many people think that because you all work in the same space that no one gets anything done. On the contrary, we probably get more done. Our office is pretty quiet, considering everyone works in one place. We all pretty much have headphones in throughout the day and chat with one another if we have a question. This “rule,” I think, helps us out quite a bit. I, for one, also get my energy from being around other people at work, so being in the same room as my peers keeps me moving. Creativity abounds! Which brings me to my next point…


Working in an open office fosters creativity because it’s easy to brainstorm with others around you (if you send a chat first and they agree, of course ;) ). Most collaborative office spaces also have different areas from which you can work. For example, we have a few groups of couches, some desks set up, and also a conference table. It’s nice to have options, because sometimes that sparks creativity as well.

Some office spaces play kick-ass playlists, too. Plan Left plays music requested by each employee, so there is something for everyone playing throughout the day. We do believe there is a time and place for such things, as not everyone wants to listen to certain tunage right before a meeting. Respect.

Common Ground

You know what else is cool about open offices? You work in the same room as your awesome and fun CEO. Everyone in open office environments usually shares the space as equals, so managers don’t have a huge office with that great view while you sit in the corner and cry about your view of the brick wall or alley (been there, done that).  You all have the same view: each other.

While I am in no way aiming to bash closed office spaces (because those can certainly be great for some), my hope here is to enlighten you about why open offices could be the environment you need. Granted, it depends on the industry you find yourself in and the people you work with.

Other companies that follow the collaborative office trend? MyEmma, Pixar, Facebook, and Plan Left (hey!). Maybe it’s time for you to make a change, too?

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