Why consider print design in a digital world

In an age where digital marketing has come to take center stage, print materials may often be overlooked. However, that does not mean that print is not a useful means of marketing. What are people looking at when they are not looking at their phones? The truth is, many people simply do not recognize the effect that print has on their lives as a consumer. That can often be what leads them right to your storefront.

Print design is a fine art that requires advanced understanding of printers. In 1440, Johannes Gutenberg popularized the first printing press in Germany, which made it possible for information to be spread quickly and cost effectively to a wider audience than ever before. The printing revolution began with his perfection of mechanical movable type printing, playing a key role in the Renaissance, Reformation, the Age of Enlightenment, and the Scientific Revolution.

Since that time, marketers have used media such as business cards, postcards, letterheads, birthday cards, gantt charts, dancing instruction booklets, CPR step-by-step guides, table tents, recipe books, magazine layouts, reference documents, certificates, presentation material, and on, and on, and on. But are these tools necessary in your marketing mix?


Here’s why:

1. It Stands Out

With so many of your competitors increasing their load of digital marketing, the average Joe won’t see the same amount of print materials when he opens his eyes to look around. What he will see will be those who remained in the print game. With so much less outside of the phone to compete for his visual attention, of course, Joe’s eyes will be attracted to what’s left… YOUR ads.

2. It is Tangible

While digital material can only be consumed with your customer’s eyes (and sometimes ears), you can add another level of attention by adding to your marketing mix something for her to actually touch. Beyond that, it is more personal. Which would you rather your salesperson say to a lead?

“Look me up on our website,” or “Here’s my business card. Call me if you have any questions.”

3. It Lasts

Because our attention span while consuming video online is so short, we don’t give much time to the ads we see on our sidebar. Once we close the tab, shut down the computer, or click away from the site we were on, the ad is gone. But when we go out to the store, you know what is there on the bulletin board, week after week? The colorful flyer that you put there weeks ago.

Everyone has a unique printing need. And even though it may not be important to have an advanced knowledge about the history of printing, it is crucial to understand why printing and printed materials are considered some of the most important resources a company can have. Print design is a fine art, and one to which Plan Left provides a unique approach. Our team has specifically developed techniques to apply your ideas, concepts, and graphic needs to paper.

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