This Thanksgiving, the Plan Left team has a lot to be thankful for. We’d love to share our happiness with you, one member at a time. Even more, we’d love to know what you’re thankful for, so please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

Matt, our CEO says:

I’m thankful for my my wonderful girlfriend, my family, friends, beer, the ability to do what I love, and weekends.

I’m thankful for Plan Left because I am fortunate enough work with a team of professionals that I trust, respect, and have a fantastic time with- every single day.  Also, there is beer there.

Josh, our Director of Operations says:

I’m thankful for family, friends, and vegetarian restaurants that make good food.

I’m thankful for Plan Left because it has freed me to be the best professional I can be.  I get to make decisions based on clients’ needs instead of Agency restrictions.

Melissa in Account Services says:

I’m thankful for my family (immediate, extended, and acquired), my crazy friends (AKA family), coffee o’clock, beer o’clock, bonfires, bees, guacamole, the color blue, ideas, smartphones (mostly because mine has a better camera than my husband’s and he’s jealous), Drupal, oh, and ibuprofen (did I mention I live with 4 children ages 9 months to 7 years that I’m very thankful for?)

I’m thankful for Matt and Plan Left for being dedicated to building a stellar team that provides service out of true passion for seeing business entrepreneurs succeed. I’m also thankful to Matt and Plan Left for taking me in and allowing me to spread my fledgling Drupal wings along with other skills I’d long since forgotten I possessed during my years as a stay-at-home mom.

Christy in Account Services says:

I am thankful for my sweet, smart, sassy daughter, Sadie Muse, and my beautiful and all-knowing Mom, Mary Ann. Sadie has taught me more about life and how to live it in 8 years than I think I’ve taught her! And my Mom is the most honest, solid human being I’ve ever known. I want to be just like her when I grow up!

I am thankful for Plan Left because Matt has brought together a group of people that are open-minded, dedicated, honest, passionate, kind-hearted, and have a common goal: SUCCESS! It makes all the difference in the world to work with such great people! Thank you, Plan Left Family!

Katie, our Social Media Manager says:

I am #thankful for my friends and supportive family who have always encouraged me to chase my dreams (yes, that was cheesy and no, I don’t care), good sushi rolls, frosty beverages, technology (iPhone, cool apps, cameras), clothes featuring geometric patterns, and for being an aunt to several canines.

I am thankful for Plan Left because I love the casual and cool work environment, and that I am excited to come into every day. I am also thankful for our fearless leaders, Matt and Josh, for creating such a great company, and for also being supportive of our personal and professional dreams. I love having the opportunity to be a part of this amazing team that is all working toward the same goal: growing success of our clients.

Chuck, Director of Client Happiness, says:

I am thankful for my wife Caroline and how she puts up with my verbal assault which includes new business venture ideas, encyclopedic knowledge of the Star Wars Universe, and the SWOT breakdown of my potential zombie apocalypse team. I am also thankful for tacos, friends, good beer, the rest of the fam (which includes our pets Frodo, Pounce, Tater, and Senator Waffles).

I am thankful for knowing I have a team of experts that are passionate about delivering for our clients, not as a simple service, but as a part of their businesses. Our success as a marketing firm is tied to growing the success of our clients, and our team understands this and prioritizes our clients best interest to reach their goals & audiences.

Luis, in Drupal Development says:

I’m thankful for God for giving me this life.

I’m thankful for Plan Left for giving me the opportunity to know nice people and work in things I like.

Jen, our Content Marketing Manager says:

I’m thankful for my husband, Liam, the funniest man on Facebook. I’m thankful for my dog, Hurley, and my cat, Luna (who is not thankful for the dog at all). I’m thankful for a family that never once said, “You can’t…” I’m thankful for good music, strong coffee, craft beer, books with happy endings, and the Nashville Gaelic Athletic Club.

I’m thankful for Plan Left because I get to do what I love in a supportive, appreciative, and encouraging environment. I’m thankful that we all know when to laugh and when to get stuff done. Most of all, I’m thankful for a boss who never says, “You can’t…”

Jasmine, Project Manager Extraordinaire, says:

I’m thankful for my two boys Laszlo (age 3) and Warren (old),  yoga pants, Americanos with a splash of half-and-half, and my herd of rescue cats.

I’m thankful for Plan Left because I’m learning and growing in a supportive, healthy, and happy environment! I finally know what I want to do when I grow up; work at Plan Left.

Jordan, our Graphic Designer, says:

I’m thankful for cold winter days, loose leaf tea and roller skating.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to join a team of creatives and start my new adventure at Plan Left.

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