One huge danger for social media marketers is the potential for landing in a big ol’ rut. You know the one I’m talking about—the set-it-and-forget-it type of social posts. Consumers want engagement. When they see the same things over and over, they get bored, and boring is never a good look for your brand. How can you make sure you’re getting everything you can out of social marketing?

Choose Your Platform Wisely

Knowing where to find your buyers means you must know those buyers inside and out. A deep understanding of your user personas is a great way to determine the demographics of your potential followers. Knowing the demographics means you can choose a platform that reaches your specific audience.

For instance, if you’re running a wealth management company, you’re not likely to find your customers goofing off on Instagram. If you’re selling teen fashions, reaching your buyers through LinkedIn will never work. If you’re spending hours each day spreading your message across every single platform, you’re wasting time that could be used developing leads.

Where can you find your users online? This graph from comScore breaks it down for you. Take special notice of SnapChat, favored by users under the age of 25. It’s a pretty big market share for a largely ignored social platform.

social marketing demographics

Check Your Metrics

How can you be sure your chosen social platforms are reaching your intended audience? Well, check the numbers. In fact, you should check your metrics at least once per week. Not only will you discover which of your platforms are useless, but you’ll also get valuable information on the types of posts that resonate with your followers.

What information should you check? You’re probably well aware of the followers and likes that your social media pages and profiles have received, but that’s never the whole story. You have to keep an eye on the reach for every post.  How far does it reach and who has responded? Does a certain type of post perform better than others? Also keep an eye on who is engaging and how often. If people see the post but don’t react, you may have some extra work to do.

Use Your Tools

Some of your chosen social platforms come with some pretty robust tools attached. Facebook will tell you everything you need to know about the people who follow and engage with your pages and posts. LinkedIn gives a lot of information, too. For the rest, you may need a third-party tool like Sprout Social or Raven Tools. Google Analytics can also keep you up to date on website visits that originate through social media posts.

Without your tools, you’re essentially flying blind. How can you improve your reach and engagement if you don’t know where you already stand?

Use Rich Content

Pithy posts are fun, but they don’t always catch the eyes of your followers. Mix your words with something that will make them stop and stare. Photography, graphics, and video all get better engagement than posts without, so you’ve really got your work cut out for you.

Keep in mind that you can create images and video without hiring a professional. Several free or inexpensive tools are available to companies that have to get creative on a budget.

Don’t Try Too Hard

There’s some pressure on social marketers to stay on trend and appear hip. Remember, as much as they like a good laugh, they’re really keeping up with your social media is to get information on your company, products, and services.

Keep it real, because your followers will know if you’re not being genuine. In fact, of all the advice in this entire article, this is perhaps the most important. Know your brand, know your followers, and know your own limitations. If you have trouble planning social marketing for your company, find someone to help.

Maybe we could be that someone! We’re always available to guide you through the maze of social marketing so that you can experience greater growth. If you’d like to chat, give us a call.

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