Red square with a character drawing on paper with a pen and a yellow square with a line graph.

Who’s Earnest, you might ask?

He’s not actually the subject of this particular blog.  In fact, has nothing to do with it.  By definition, being earnest is “The act of showing intense conviction” – and that’s our topic of discussion.

When you’re trying to decide on things that relate to branding, like your logo for example, you want to show the conviction for that logo and what it means to you as earnestly as you would if you were literally starving and someone First, offers you a grand meal, and Second, denies you access to the table where the food is being served.  You’d probably go and make it known that you’re hungry and need to eat – no?

It may seem drastic, but just as food is crucial to your survival, your brand approach and appeal is crucial to the survival of your company.

When considering a logo, some things to consider are:

What am I selling? Who’s my audience, and what’s their age?  How to am I going to reach them, in what format or medium? What do I want people to think when they see my logo?

It’s this kind of consideration that separates success from failure.

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