The month of January is coming to a close. If you’re like most people, you’ve already broken a few resolutions and maybe even made some new ones. When it comes to your marketing resolutions for 2016, it’s never too late. Even if you haven’t pursued some of your big ideas for the New Year yet, you can implement them at any time. And if increasing your content production was one of your big plans, here’s how you can get started right away.

Bolster Your Blogging Schedule

Whatever you’re already doing, just try to add one. For instance, if you’re blogging four times per month, throw an extra in there. If you’re up to twelve per month, make a stretch for thirteen. The beauty of your blogs is that they drive more traffic to your site. The more blogs you publish, the more traffic you’ll get. In addition to traffic, you’ll get a serious boost with your SEO. Every blog counts as one more page on your site, and websites with over 300 pages are more likely to be indexed by Google.

Add More Landing Pages

Landing pages are perhaps the most important content you can create for lead generation. The great thing is that you don’t need a lot of words to get your point across. The words you do use, however, have to be powerful. You want to make sure anyone who lands on that page knows exactly who you are and what you’re offering.

The benefits you’ll gain are numerous. First, when a landing page is created properly, prospects have little choice but to hand over their contact information in exchange for your offer. Every time you begin a PPC campaign or a social media marketing campaign, create a new landing page. Make sure these landing pages are always updated and ready to use at any time, because you never know when an internet searcher may come across your link and attempt to visit your page.

As with blogs, a landing page adds to your total page count. The more you have, the more Google will love you. And when Google loves you, you move up in the search rankings.

Get Visual

One mistake many business owners and marketers make is to believe that content equals words. Yes, you want powerful words to convince buyers, but they don’t always have to be written words. Make ample use of images and videos on your website and social media accounts. Consumers react differently to stimuli, with some preferring to read while others like to watch videos. You want to make sure you cover all your bases, right?

Your videos don’t have to have movie-like production values, but your customers will want to see that you spend time on them. Polished, well-edited videos that contain zero mistakes and focus on every detail—these are the videos that your buyers will appreciate. A wobbly iPhone shot with poor sound and zero editing will only serve to turn your buyers off completely.

Anything you create to spread the word about your brand and your products or services counts as content. And the more you create, the more people you can reach. Why would you limit your content creation if you knew you could reach more people with more content? If it’s a lack of time, creativity, or expertise, we have you covered. Reach out and we’ll help you get started on increasing your content production before 2016 slips away from you.

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