Lucky Limericks From Plan Left

You know Plan Left loves to get poetic during big holidays. What better way to show off on St. Patrick’s Day than to write some limericks? We don’t want to keep all the fun for ourselves, though. If you want to share your own favorite, whether one you’ve read or one you wrote, we want to read it!

From Mark:

There was a Nashville company that was shy

They hired an amateur marketing and web guy

The boss thought it was truckin’

The rest of them said it’s suckin’

And they called Plan Left to make it fly

From Jen:

There once was a girl so severe

Who never experienced cheer

She met an Irish man

Who showed her she can

By handing over her very first beer

From Chuck:

A gentleman in a suit in tie

Once said ‘O dear our sales are dry.’

What can we do

before we cry boohoo?

Perhaps we give marketing a try.

He called a many a company

With answers far from aplenty

He finally found Plan Left

who by far were the best

and his sales grew immensely

From Katie:

there once was a marketing firm

where so many people did learn

that plan left is the best

better than all the rest

sorry everyone else. burn.

From Bob:

There once was a dev who coded so well

His functions and threads ran parallel

Then came a bug

Not from under the rug

That made his life a living hell.

From Jordan:

There once was a designer, you see

who would sit at a desk drinking tea

and the leaves were fine

steeped at the right time

no one could make a cup like she

From Josh:

One day I was walking my dog

When along came a dreary fog

We walked, and then ran,

And, in a way only my dog can,

He dropped a stinky log.

And from our FEARLESS leader, Matt:

A young lad once sought out a mentor

But none would reply that he sent for

He turned to the web

Found a thread that said

That technically, we’re all half centaur.

A man of few words once said:

“The path that you’re on is dead”.

They thought he was wrong,

Now they’re singing his song.

That’s how the future is led.

I like kung pao and rice,

But it’s bad to eat it before flights…

My stomach get gets mad

And the after-burn, so bad!

How can I contain all these shites?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from all of us to all of you!

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