plan left case study

The argument for a well-maintained business blog has never been stronger. Two years of blog contributions to the Plan Left website provided ample evidence to support the claim that regular and frequent blogging can increase user traffic by up to 93%. There is absolutely nothing laid back about that statistic. Let’s talk about how your business could experience similar results.

Inbound marketing giant HubSpot introduced a similar study in 2009, when they found that a business website with a blog received up to 55% more traffic than those without. In light of this information, many small- and medium-sized businesses began a blog. As long as they managed to update once a month or so, that was enough to help boost their traffic. Plan Left maintained a blog with one post per month for over a year and experienced the same bump in website traffic. Then we decided to conduct our own test. 

These are the results.

SPOILER ALERT: We increased traffic to our site by 93%. If you want to know how you can, too, click here or on the banner above.

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