I don’t know about you, but I normally only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. My bad if that is offensive in any way to you, you know you enjoy it, too though.  Unfortunately, I was not super impressed with most of the $4.5 million 30-second clips this year, however, there were a few that I particularly enjoyed, especially from a marketing standpoint. My criteria when narrowing these down included how successful each commercial was in making me want to purchase the product as a consumer and how clever they were. So, let me tell you about my top four.


Well, Snickers did it again. Always so clever. This commercial was a great follow up to the famous tweet they sent out during the World Cup, am I right? This commercial was not only hilarious, but also pretty smart from a marketing standpoint. I was at first a bit confused when I saw this man from “Machete” complaining to Mike and Carol from the Brady bunch about being hit in the face with a football, and then when Carol offered “Marcia” a snickers, it was all better. After all, you’re not you when you’re hungry.  I also thought it was interesting that they used the Brady Bunch as the main characters. It was certainly a nice throwback and definitely not expected as it is an older show. I think it’s great that they catered to the “older” generation here besides using a bunch of fans in a football stadium. Great marketing tactic. Reel the audience in by confusing them, then bam! All comes together, and she has a Snickers.


Oh, Budweiser. Bringing tears to my eyes with that sweet yellow lab puppy and Clydesdale horses. You know what’s even more impressive? They don’t mention beer once in their commercials. Budweiser is successful because they clarify their target audience in each commercial and cater to them. The different storyline they come up with every year is something people are expecting now, and that to me, is brilliant marketing.  Though it’s different, you can be sure that the puppy and horses will make an appearance. Budweiser also creates the experience for their viewers and develops a message of relationships, which humans are interested in. And now everyone is familiar with their trending #BestBuds hashtag, so there’s also that. High five for Budweiser!


Remember when you thought your TV went out during the Super Bowl? Yeah, me too. Cool prank, Chevy. In actuality, it kind of cool, because it highlighted the fact that their awesome new truck offers 4G LTE Wi-Fi, so if your power or TV actually did go out, you could just move your Super Bowl party to your truck like it ain’t no thing. From a marketing perspective, I thought this particular ad was quite brilliant because it certainly caught EVERYONE’s attention and also highlighted the fact that a lot of people these days depend on their Wi-Fi connection. Also, if someone was thinking about buying a truck, they are probably more inclined to do so now.


No, not the morbid one. I was highly unimpressed and a little upset by that one. I want to talk about the one featuring my girl Mindy Kaling. She walks around thinking she’s invisible to everyone- until she tries to kiss Matt Damon. The whole idea and message Nationwide is trying to get across is that they won’t ignore you or treat you like you’re invisible like other insurance companies might. I do, however think it is interesting how they conveyed this through two polar opposite commercials. I think the devastating commercial that they aired was rather distasteful, but maybe that’s just me. With this commercial, sliding the humor in here the way they did was pretty clever, and then adding Mindy in just sort of put the cherry on top.  Casting here was on point.

So that’s that, y’all. Four of my favorite Super Bowl commercials from a marketing perspective. I’d also like to give a shoutout to the dancing sharks during Katy Perry’s performance and also to Missy Elliott.


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