What is Cinch? 

Cinch is a new business to business social media app, the social media child of Klout. Klout is a social media app that rates users on their influence in social media across several networks. Cinch takes Klout a step further and pairs those users with experts on specific topics for one-on-one conversations. The idea of Cinch is that it will give you the tools for your business to become a leader in your industry and get Cinch users in contact with you to answer questions.
Cinch is very similar to Quora, another question and answer site that’s made up of a community of users. 

How do I use it?

Download the Cinch app and become a member of Klout so that you’re in the directory as being an expert. A user will put a question into the space bar, Cinch scours its Klout user base to find the experts who are best suited to answer your question, and before you know it you’re talking with a potential customer one on one. Cinch rewards you on media outlets that you’re already working on, like Facebook and Twitter. Cinch, at this time, is limited to iOS devices and you will need to link to either your Facebook or Twitter for the registry to recognize you.
As of right now, Cinch is mainly B2C, but the overall goal is to be B2B. New social media networks take time to mature, and Cinch is still a new outlet having only been out for a few months. If you’re asking a question, don’t be discouraged if it takes time for you to get an answer. The community is small, and if your question is specific, then it may take more time to find an expert who’s willing to answer it.
In Cinch’s current state, don’t do anything to maintain your profile. Cinch is a great way to communicate with prospects and help you stay ahead of the game.

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