Red square with a character drawing on paper with a pen and a yellow square with a line graph.

This story begins with a large company that had a multitude of different brands and divisions under their umbrella. Product lines, companies, different teams of employees, and different audiences in which to cater to – all under the greater company’s umbrella. This story luckily brought in the heroes at Plan Left and the investigation began. The first goal to accomplish was learning the client’s goals and focus, however in this story, the focus was undefined, the umbrella had grown out of control. The branding crime had already been committed.

Branding identifies the ‘Who you are’ and ‘What you are about’ to your audiences. An audience can be anyone who interacts with your company, so a company’s audience could be made up of  potential clients, clients, team members, or investors. Maybe you are a non profit in which your audience could be potential donors, donors, board members, team members, potential clients, or clients. If you don’t know who you audience is, ask yourself honestly, ‘Who needs my services? Who I need to do business with?’

The story continues with Plan Left identifying the audiences in question. Implementing strategies to display the company to these audiences. The front line of branding was deployed. Consistent letterheads, signatures, taglines, print design, logos, colors, and identified language. The Plan Left team worked with the client’s team and presented a Brand Standard which had a style guide for how to visually represent their companies, how to communicate with the audience, and how to present their company to the public.

The company left with a better understanding of their goals, their audience, and gratitude to the heroes at Plan Left. The efforts by Plan Left increased the company’s ability to communicate and present themselves. This clear communication allowed the company’s audience to better understand the services the company offered which increased brand awareness for sure, but more importantly, revenue.

The team at Plan Left with their mission accomplished moved out to next task of the day, lunch.

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